Sunday, September 25, 2005

Since you asked...

A couple of you asked how to do the"ghost" picture. It involves multiple exposures and a reeeally steady tripod.

1. Set your camera to do a multiple exposure, ie. don't advance the film between the first and second shot.

2. Find the correct exposure setting for your scene. The divide the settings in half and set your camera accordingly. By doing half the expsoure time in each shot, you end up with one correctly exposed picture.

3. Take a picture of the scene, sans "ghost".

4. Take your second shot, being very careful not to move the camera. This time, add what ever the ghost is: a person walking past the camera, an object added to the landscape, whatever.

When the film is developed, you'll have a semi-transparent image of whatever you added to the second shot. Enjoy!


jonboy said...

Or you can do it all in PhotoShop.

Captainwow said...

remember in the 80's when double exposure senior pics were in!?

SpookyRach said...

Swish! went the flashback. Oh yeah, CaptainWow. I remember that.

Photoshop is so totally cheating, Opie Capone. I really like to say Opie Capone. I say Opie Capone a lot.

C. Wright said...

Opie Capone is so much better than B---H--- your former term of endearment.