Thursday, September 22, 2005

5 Questions Meme

5 Things I will do before I die:
Learn to paint (pictures, not houses)
Go to Mexico and live on street food during Dia De Los Muertos
Run for public office without hope of election. (Sort of a la Kinky Friedman. I’d like to do it with Ross Pero’s money and just hang out on the campaign plane with the reporters for a year, flying around the country, causing trouble and having laughs.) (BTW-when you check out Kinky's page, stick around for the cartoon. It is so worth it!)
Have something published. (Sub-entry: actually submit something for publication.)
Own a cabin in the mountains. (Not a Unabomber-type cabin in the mountains. More of a lets-spend-a-couple-of-months-here-in-the-freakin’-summer type of a cabin.)
Get old. And wrinkly.

5 Things I say most often:
Have you done your 8 hours of community service this month?
Yeah, but its COOL!
Do you live with your wife or your girlfriend or your baby’s mother; and is that your sister in the waiting room?

5 Things I cannot do:
Spit for distance and/or accuracy

Cook (Jackson said I should list that one twice.)

5 Things I can do:
Make you laugh until Coke shoots out your nose.
The Time Warp. Again.
Play well with others.
Handle whatever comes along.
Drive rental cars with wild abandon in big city traffic.

5 things that attract me to other people:
Ability to laugh, especially at themselves
A derth of fundamentalism/ultra-conservatism
Ability to see beyond the borders of our own little worlds

5 Celebrity Crushes:
Johnny Depp
Allan Rickman
Patrick Stewart
Janeane Garofalo
Michael Pallin

5 people who I'd like to see do this:
Do I have to pick only five? Cause there'd be more. There's Opie Capone and Gallimaufry and Captain Wow and Headless and Annie and...


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

OMG! You are so right! I forgot how well you can driver rental cars with wild abandon!!

A passenger in one of those cars
~sings the ghetto....~

Lorna said...

read over in .... you know where ... that you said

hhhhhrrrrrrrrmmmmm - that Lorna!!!

oh that made me laugh so much.

If you only knew, if you only knew.

hugs and blessings :)

jonboy said...

I did your silly little me-me ... and quit calling me Opie.

SpookyRach said...

Ha ha! Glad you liked it Lorna! ("The Lord works in mysterious ways...")

Headless-in-GR said...

Ooo! Me! Ok!! Tomorrow!

little david said...

OK, my me-me is finally posted, after considerable grief. What, are you trying to make me think or something?
Monsieur Hibou