Thursday, September 15, 2005

Friday Cemetery Blogging

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Hopefully not!
(Ok. Who hasn't yet guessed that I was the yearbook editor in high school? huh?)


annie said...

Wait, it's Friday already???

(I have tried three times to post this, and it won't let me leave a comment. I am annoyed. And guess what the secret code word was this last time? It was o-h-f-u-x-x. I kid you not. That is just scandalous, don't you think?)

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

~laffin~ annie spelled a naughty word.

I love this one Rach. Took me just a minute to get it. I was the editor too!! That just makes us big ole nerds huh?!

annie said...

And after sleeping on it, I am so ashamed. I can't help it, everytime those scrambled words come up, I see stuff that could be a word. For instance, right now, the code is p-c-u-x-c...It makes ne think of the word because..."Why? I don't know, just pcuxc."

SpookyRach said...

Ha ha! You are cracking me up, Annie! Just pcuxc!