Thursday, August 04, 2011

In Which the Writer Demonstrates How Crazy This Damn Drought is Making Her:

This week’s prompt: Creation, Si o No?

Well, it was more involved than that, but you get the idea.

Creation is kicking my butt at the moment. We’ve had 1.15 inches of rain since last October. We’ve busted the record for days in a year with temperatures in the triple digits by almost thirty days, and it’s barely the first of August. And today the air conditioner at my office is broken.

Creation is so not cooperating with me at the moment. Retirement to Seattle is looking pretty darn good right now.

Before I start planning my retirement, I’m planning a job change. I’ve decided to become Pharaoh. I think I’d be good at it. I’m all for covering the walls with quality graffiti. The smoky eye make-up is generally a good thing and Egyptian jewelry is always a favorite. Besides that, I’m ok with deified felines.

I’d be a hell of a good Pharaoh but I would change one itty bitty little thing, though.  If I were Pharaoh, it would be all over between us and Ra.

No more sun worship for me or my minions. No ma’am.  We would be major-league rain devotees. I’ve been a rain-worshipper all my life. Nothing makes me happier than a grey, overcast, drizzly day. I think I have a wonky, alternate universe version of seasonal affective disorder in which continual sunlight zaps my neurotransmitters and I crave the relief of a good thunderstorm or a long, soaking September shower.

And all we’ve gotten is one point one five inches all damn year.

Last week the head of the local Mental Health Center told us they are seeing a lot of people whose mental health problems are being exacerbated by the weather. Today one of my people told me he heard from a doctor that they are seeing drought related problems in their medical practice due to vitamin deficiencies which are causing a lot of depression and even more serious problems.

Drought makes you crazy.

Yesterday one of my people who’s worked on the same farm for 12 years was fired. He and the boss grew up together. Have been friends all their lives. But the drought, coupled with some other person problems have pushed the farmer over the edge. He fired everyone who was working with him. Now my 50 year old man has to find not only a new job (in an industry where no one is hiring) but a new place to live.

I’ve already volunteered to dance naked in the yard if that would help. No one thinks it would help.

So, am I frustrated with creation? Absolutely. Do I think this is God’s punishment on a wanton and wicked land? Absolutely not.

I believe whole-heartedly in evolution. I think evolution is an exceptional miracle. Any old conjurer can turn water into wine, but to start an entire universe with a single spark and mold, evolve and shape it into infinite worlds and infinite possibilities takes some real talent.

I think our actions are still working and shaping the evolution of creation. For instance, in the dust bowl era, which is now officially not as bad as the current drought, people couldn’t survive. Farms migrated. Who ecosystems were blown away. Now we’ve made strides in soil conservation that help hold the topsoil in place in the face of hot, dry, unrelenting wing. We’ve evolved. The next step is to evolve on our water conservation. And to maybe take a peek at doing something about global warming. Such as admitting that it exists for starters.

Hot enough for ya?

So we learn, we grow, we change. I think God watches over all of this, providing strength, guidance and more than a fair amount of grace. I think he’s disappointed in our failures and rejoices in our progress. I don’t think he does a lot of smiting.

I realize that I’m just sort of creating God in my own image, instead of vice versa, but I think of God as more of an observer, than an intimate participant. I don’t need God to be my daddy. I have one of those. I don’t need him to be my boyfriend. Have one of those, too. I need him to be God. Creator, Sustainer, The Omnipotent Author.

And I don’t think he minds if I worship the rain.


Cyn Huddleston said...

I am differently-believing as well, as you well know. I can't figure out how everyone just reads and buys into all that. I can't stop thinking. Just can't.

spookyrach said...

The power of repetitious suggestion, I guess.


Lori said...

damn that was good..... crazy from the drought? Maybe, but I think you should stick this in print.... real print... and I so get what you are saying.

My heart breaks for the man who lost his job and home, so that throws him into another statistic... jobless, homeless... and no water....

Let me end here. I'll rant too.

Great post Rach.

spookyrach said...

Thanks, Lori. I'm hoping the farmer comes to his senses in a few days and realizes what he's done. Hoping.

Lori said...

That would be a good spin..... what's he going to do farm alone? Sometimes people make bad decisions under duress.... as we all know so well... I hope so for that mans sake too.

Beth said...

Damn fine writing here, girl. One of the best posts I've read by you.

Drought and heat are unrelenting. Most things that do not relent are unfavorable. Hoping for some relief soon for you all.

Well said, well done.

spookyrach said...

"Most things that do not relent are unfavorable." That is so, so, so true. Thanks, Beth!

That Janie Girl said...

You go, Spooky!

annie said...

I like this one a lot, Rach! I agree with Beth's take on the heat.

I love what you said about evolution.

And I do believe the drought can make a person crazy (right along with the heat). I hope y'all get some rain soon.

And I too hope the farmer and the worker get back together...

(WV: bledlyin)

esperanza said...

doesn't sound crazy to me

Lois said...

Such a good post - I <3 it!

Now, I have to ask you a question. You're frustrated at Creation, but you don't think God is punishing it. So does that mean that you are working with the wrong paradigm, which is producing the frustration? That crazy is caused, not be the drought, but by the attitude towards the drought?

Are you drawing a little picture of me standing next to Satan in a court of law yet?

Lois said...
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spookyrach said...

I don't think God caused the drought. I am frustrated because it's a pain in the butt. I try not to ever have a paradigm.

Haha! How's that for a refusal to do any deep thinking?

Lois said...

I respect your right to refuse to exercise your oversized hatrack.


No paradigms even! Goodness! What about prisms?

spookyrach said...

Thanks for your comments, Annie and Janie!

Lois - my hatrack is somewhat undersized... And prisms make me dizzy.

Lois said...

It's undersized? Really? Oh wait...that was ol' what's-his-name's hot air inflatable hat rack!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I love this. But then I am one of the crazies getting even crazier with this drought.

I would say I was drowning if there was any water.

Did you hear the news yesterday? That this now may go into 2012??

spookyrach said...

I had my fingers stuffed into my ears and refused to hear anything. So, bite your tongue.

Anonymous said...

If Mindy bites her tongue and bleeds into the ground, the ground may grow to like it! Then watch out.

The drought makes people crazy. I would agree with that. I would go further to highlight that we and the earth are interconnected. so best think of that next time you throw a single use plastic bottle onto the street to end up in the ocean and kill a bunch of fish.

While I agree with you on not believing God smites people ( I believe we do that to each other far better than God could do), I do believe he is up there laughing his butt off at us, with all this craziness. Just a little joke is all. ...and I await being smote for believing this.

Great post!


spookyrach said...

Nah. I don't think you get smote for thinking. Contrary to popular belief.