Monday, December 18, 2006

...and that's why I/you/we could never work at the bank.

That phrase has become the official ending to all stories told at work. Its like some sort of benediction. It is an expression of the understanding that things have gone too far and none of us are fit for polite company any longer.

My neck is killing me.

I'm watching the Biography Channel profile on Tim LaHaye while I'm typing. I think its sort of interesting that his son-in-law calls him "Dr. LaHaye".

I wonder if my neck would feel better if I changed the channel?

I finally got most of my Christmas cards addressed. They are going in the mail tomorrow - I swear! I'm am so ready for Christmas to get here. We're not 'ready', but damn, I am sooo ready. Know what I mean? Did I mention my neck hurts?

Its rainy and cold outside. I think I'll make a fire. And maybe some hot tea...

Yesterday Jackson did all the laundry and helped Katie with her homework while I slept through an afternoon of Midsomer Murder reruns. Tonight he is taking her to photography class after braving the horror that is Wal-Mart in search of cat food. Isn't he cool?

That's what I know tonight. What do you know?


zorra said...

Congratulations on getting your cards done. We appear to have abandoned the idea of a mass Christmas card mailing for this year. One of our goals for tonight was to hand write a "few" (less than 20) for very close friends and family. It's nearly 10:00 and that hasn't happened yet. It may not. However, I suspect that the earth will continue to rotate on its axis.

Incidentally, I am still waiting for pictures of the scary mechanical nun.

SpookyRach said...

Zorra - I am so gonna get you those pictures. She rocks and spews. Its a beautiful thing.

Anonymous said...

I know that you are right to call Wal-Mart a horror. the Horror!! GAAAAH!
Hate. Walmart.


Ok so anyway. Great post. I did work at a bank once. I'll vouch for it - you're not fit to work at the bank.

Thank God.

PPB said...

that Jackson is a good man.

cheesehead said...

Ditto on Jackson and the coolness.

Anonymous said...

I am doing real, real good this Christmas. I guess quitting a helacious, heinous job and sitting at home reading novels is not such a bad beginning to a holiday. Now, I have done some real work here, lots of projects, but I have read 16 books in two months. SIXTEEN! I am glad college classes start the middle of January, or bad scary Stephen Kingish things would happen with me and these books.
Merry Christmas.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

She is a cool nun!

We could get HIRED at the bank...just would not be allowed to stay there for long.

annie said...

I agree, that Jackson must be one special man!

Sorry your poor neck is killing you.

It's rainy here, but not cold. I think we are getting a cold fornt for Christmas. I hate those Christmases where you have to wear shorts and turn on the air conditioner...

my neck hurts too, and I feel plumb Scroogey