Thursday, December 21, 2006

Random Useless Stuff in my head.

RUS = Random Useless Stuff. I have a head full of it.

I got to work today and discovered everyone else is in the same craptacular mood as I am. We are generally pissed off and wildly stressed. We decided screw it - we ain't comin' to work tomorrow. And hell, we may not even come back till the middle of next week. The boss, or Firestarter Bill as I like to call him, pointed out that 2006 has generally sucked. And not just for us or for probation or for Fake Cow County in general. 2006 has been a predominantly crappy year for pretty much the vast majority of the human race. We all agree that 2007 will be better. But we still aren't coming to work tomorrow. (Thank god for county holidays!)

This my first post on the new fangled blogger.

I am totally in the mood to paint (while wearing my nifty new day o' the dead suit of not-quite-armour that Mindy made for me) but I have no ideas for subject matter. Anybody got any ideas?

Last week Jackson asked if I could paint him a replica of the part of the Sistine chapel where God reaches out to Adam. HA! As if! (It was pretty cool that he actually thought I might could do that, though. I think he may be tired of the fedora paintings that are all I seem to be doing lately. Who the hell paints fe-freakin'-doras?)

...and everything I paint is purple.

There is probably some sort of Freudian sense that could be made out of that, but I'm not going to try to do it.

We have a fraidy cat at home. Evil Steve has scared the holee hell out of Madeline (formerly known as Mathias) to the point that the cat will not come out from under my great-grandmother's chair. She lives there, day and night, slipping out now and again for sustenance and an attempt to make it all the way to the litter box before Evil Steve catches her again and makes the litter box unnecessary.

My friend C. Wright sent me the coolest book EVER. Check it out. You should also buy many, many books from this store. The owner is a member of C. Wright's Collection of Weird People. C. Wright has a pretty extensive collection of odd and assorted people and she lurks on all your blogs. You may be a member of her collection and not even know it.

Dr. McCoy is the patron saint of the C. Wright Collection. Someday when I have more time I will tell you why.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

~chants~ paint...paint...paint...paint...

bill said...

I think Jackson has the right idea. But you should paint it on your ceiling.

Lorna said...

great for the days off... we finished school today (Friday) with a Church service - boy I was glad to get done.

And I agree 2006 has been a crappy year for me. But we are into Advent - the beginning of the church year and I think it's already turning around.

paint whatever comes to mind - it's a great smock thing you got from Mindy ... what a friend she is ...

Preacher Mom said...

Craptacular. I LOVE this word. Just thought I'd let you know that I plan to steal . . ur, borrow it frequently!

Jeff said...

Huh ... and all this time, I thought RUS stood for Rodents of Unusual Size :-)