Thursday, December 14, 2006

Friday Cemetery Blogging

I couldn't figure out how to take a picture of this highly polished stone without my white tennis shoes showing up in it. I finally gave up and made it a self-portrait.

So, I have been a totally boring blogger for the last couple of weeks. I decided to take Mindy up on her offer of a letter. She gave me H. I have to come up with 10 things a I love that start with H.

1. Hell - Its one of my favorite words. Depending on tone and inflection, it can mean anything, both good and bad.

2. Hats - I love fedoras and berrets and baseball caps. I don't get to wear them much anymore, except for spending my weekends in a baseball cap. If I could write my own corporate dress code, it would consist of boots, jeans, t-shirt, suit jacket and a hat. (Maybe that's why they don't let me do the dress code...)

3. Heroes - sandwiches and comic book characters. Love 'em both.

4. Home - I love to be at home. My house isn't perfect, but its comfortable, quiet and peaceful. Most of the time no one yells. Most of the time no one argues. Most of the time the cats don't puke. Its not fancy, its not trendy, its not stylish. But its fun and I love the peace and quiet. Home is bright and sunny in the daytime; dark and cozy in the evening.

5. Hominy - I don't love hominy. But I like it. It starts with H.

6. Highways - Road trips, exploring, site seeing. One of the best things about exploring cemeteries is that every place has one. We take off in search of dead people. We see towns, farms, coyotes, tarantulas, snakes, deer, playa lakes, grain elevatores, circle systems, churches, Dairy Queens, football fields, cotton, corn, maize, pheasant, skunks, draws, and the occassional tree. We have good highways in Texas. I try to get my money's worth out of them.

7. Horns - I played the French Horn in school. Not particularly well. I played it much like one would play a kazoo. If I couldn't hum the song, I couldn't play the song. I got a scholarship from the world's most desperate music professor to play French Horn for the band in college. All the other horn players had graduated the year before. I only stuck with it for one semester - they expected us to meet everyday for rehersal and then to *gasp* practice outside of class. (The theme songs from Star Trek the Next Generation and Star Trek Voyager have some really great horn parts.)

8. Halloween - Duh.

9. Honeysuckle - Nothing - nothing! - on this planet smells better.

10. Hash browns - Heh. Had a bit of trouble coming up with a tenth one. (But shredded potatoes are really, really good.)


PPB said...

hash browns are awesome.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I agree with ppb.

And I LOVE the self portrait!

Anonymous said...

I love the self-portrait too! I wish I looked good in hats (caps, actually, but since H is the theme, I said hats). Sadly, I don't look good in them.

Lorna said...

beautiful portrait

Anonymous said...

Love the portrait. And hominy. But not heads so big I have a hard time wearing hats. It's all them brains in there.

Anonymous said...

great photo! That is some grave marker. And some pose, too!

jonboy said...

Rose must have gone to Hell because she was definitely left in a baren, forsaken plot of ground. ... Oh yeah, this is West Texas.