Monday, November 13, 2006

Precious Moments: Just Plain Evil

We wasted some time at lunch on one of our favorite topics - Precious Moments bashing. We got to discussing what would happen if they suddenly tried to be more relevant and appeal to a younger market. The little buggers would no doubt be wearing t-shirts with pithy slogans.

Such as:

Official Thomas Kinkade Fan Club Member
Wouldn't you like to be a cracker, too?
Born to be White
Vanilla is my favorite flavor
My mom loves me enough to stay home.
Jesus Wants You! (But not in that way.)
Hellman's - Its more than just a sandwich spread.
Soccer Rules

I heart Toby Keith
Virgins for Christ
Jesus was White

Old Skool? No, Home-Schooled!
Hot for Preacher
Red? Yes! Yellow? Yes! Black? Yes! White? Yes! Rainbow? NO!

And my personal favorite: W is my co-pilot.


jonboy said...

Our university book store is having a huge sale on Precious Moments. You can get them for 75% off. Apparently they finally realized that Precious Moments don't appeal to college students.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

~grins~ that is what started the whole thing today jonboy.

Jimbob said...

Holy CRAP those are funny!

zorra said...

One of my neighbors has a Precious Moments outdoor nativity scene that will make its annual appearance soon. Oooh it is scary.
Have you ever seen pictures of the Precious Moments chapel in Missouri or somewhere? I'll try to find the link.

Anonymous said...

My mom lives close to the PM chapel in Carthage, MO. Talk about scary! All those doe-eyed kids staring at you from murals and paintings all over the place. Creepy!

I heard some people who live near the chapel refer to the chapel complex as Six Flags Over Jesus.

reverendmother said...

Jesus Wants You (But Not in That Way) is my favorite.

Miss Kitty said...

To whom DO Pweshus Moments figures appeal? I can't figure that out.

Upon Sis's & my early-adulthood baptism (I was 19, she was 17), my mother's best friend gave us each a Precious Moments-edition Bible, with the little big-headed boy and girl kneeling in prayer on the front. It still freaks me out. I have my Pweshus Moments Bible tucked waaaay back in the bookshelf, and I use the plain-red-cover RSV Bible instead. Is that wrong? I hope not.

Captainwow said...

I have a friend who loves these things. She has every. single. one. And I'm not joking. Her sister added a room to her house in order to display all of hers... she has almost. every. single. one.
I love my friend but that's just crazy! I lived with her for a while years ago when I was between one thing or the other and I had to dust around every @#$!!%$ one of them.
Oh. MAN! I HATE those things!

chevypickup said...


Cowtown Pattie said...

Those are just awful...awful cute!

And my favorite-seen-on-a-bumper sticker:

The SIN Exterminator, JESUS.
Hasta la Vista, Satan!

cheesehead said...

My sister had...

...wait for it...

Precious Moments wedding cake toppers.

No, that wasn't what ruined the marriage.

That would be the groom.

Bad Alice said...

I know some otherwise normal people who adore Precious Moments. Their like eating a bag of sugar.

SpookyRach said...

Bwaahahaha! You made me laugh out loud Alice.

Sue said...

Pweshus Moments.... ~shudders~

Mary Beth said...

My college roommate's mom LOVED Precious Moments. I can still remember the horror of visiting her house.


Pastor Anonymous said...
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Wilderness Gina said...

OHMAHGAWD!!!!! I CAN"T STAND those things! My cousin Sarah just loves them, and I just love her, so I restrain mah self.... it's sooooo hard! Like wanting to make slaw out of the Cabbage Patch Dolls like my youngest daughter wanted to when she was... what? 7 years old?