Thursday, November 02, 2006

Friday Cemetery Blogging

This is a foot stone. Pearl had a headstone as well, but the footstone really caught my eye. In the early evening sun this stone was impossible not to touch. Once I saw it, I couldn't just stand over it and admire it through a camera lens. I had to get down on the ground and run my fingers over the rounded letters. (Avoiding the bird poo, of course.) It was simple, cool marble. I don't know what the text is made from - perhaps just another color of marble - but I love the look of the letters. Its an interesting name, too.

The whole thing had a special luster for me.

Pearl rocks her footstone. I'm trying to rock along with life. Life is pretty stressful right now, but things will change. Some of the change will be for the better. Some will not. But change is good.

However, I'm beginning to wonder if I've angered the gods. Or maybe I'm just not living right. I could tell you how my day went, but you really wouldn't believe me. I had all kinds of problems and tasks and even a good deed or two to juggle. I managed to keep all the knives in the air, but I think I've got a few cuts.

After much delay this evening, we got supper done and the table cleared. I sat down with my pictures to search for a cemetery view to post, when the phone rang. It was my grandmother.
She has "a stack of papers from the government" that she doesn't understand. "Some of them have deadlines. They're due in November, I think." No other family members are in town for the next few days and could I come help her with them?

Well of course I can.

And then maybe I'll go hang out with Pearl.


zorra said...

I hope you have some time to just rest and go be yourself this weekend.

ppolarbear said...

A foot stone--for real?

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Well, at least you will not have to listen to me whine today!

see-through faith said...

Ilove these cemetery pictures

and I love you. So glad you'll help your grandma. You are a treasure.

Hope that you can find the rest you are looking for ... nothing is too big to lay before God, nothing is too terrible for Him to forgive. Amazing Grace. Indeed.

Sometimes life sucks ... but you will get through whatever it is that's pulling you down and it will be good :)

Sue said...

I love this picture. As for footstones, they are a sort of sleigh-bed for the afterlife, yes?

I hope things improve for you soon.

SpookyRach said...

HAA! That's really good, Sue.

And things certainly will improve, they already have improved. I might just bite a few people here and there to help things improve at a faster rate.

Songbird said...

Is it possible that's the best one yet?

annie said...

I'm glad to hear things have improved already.

I like Pearl's footstone, does her headstone have that same raised style of lettering? I've never seen the raised lettering like that. It's pretty cool.

Lae said...

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Trace said...

I love the photo of Pearl's footstone! I would have reacted the same as you, had I been there. I would have had to touch the lettering. I hope you have a good weekend. I know what it's like to feel I may have, "angered the gods." cheers...

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are going to help your grandmother with those papers. Fortunately I have not gotten to that point - yet, but I know how much help the elders can need since I was my dad's guardian.

I loved the foot stone. I had never seen one before. It is beautiful.

May the changes in your life be positive

don't eat alone said...


I'm glad the cemetery pictures are back; I've missed them. I resemble your remark when it comes to living in chaos. Hang in there.