Monday, November 06, 2006

Random Thoughts for Monday

Can't wait for election day tomorrow. Texas rocks the early voting, so unless you are a total purposeless dweeb, you should already have voted. (Well, ok. Maybe if you work out of town somewhere, then you can be excused for waiting until Tuesday, Jackson.) I sort of like the Etch-a-Vote machines, but truthfully, paper ballots were easier and faster and a hell of a lot less trouble.

Don't you love Michael Palin? Seriously. His Himalayan show is really gorgeous.

You know what freaks me out? Yuppies at home improvement stores.

A man sat across the desk from me this morning and told me very matter of factly that he is losing controll of the darkness inside him. The darkness is the loathing and self-hate that is eating him up - literally eating him up. He told me who he is going to kill and why. And I agreed that he a darn good reason for murder. The man he hates has stolen over 20 years of his life already, why give him the rest of it in exchange for a moment's satisfaction?

I really like that guy. But he has planned out the violent death of another human being and is physically struggling with himslef to keep from following through with his plan. Its a very old testament thing to see. Like watching Jacob wrestle the angel. People are absolutley fascinating.

Did anyone check out the moon tonight? Its full, of course.

I'm hungry for meat loaf.

Christmas is coming up. Anybody got any suggestions on what I should give Jackson? He is one of those irritating people who always gives really good gifts, but never asks for anything for himself. Bastard.

I start another drug offender class next week. I'm trying a different schedule and breaking it up into once a week for five weeks, instead of five times in two weeks. I am hoping that will keep me a little more sane.

Matthias the cat loves nothing more than a plastic egg, halved. It entertains him for days on end.


Sue said...

Mmmmm....meat loaf.

Miss Kitty said...

Now that's what I call RANDOM.

And I thought *my* last week had been weird/crappy. How on earth do you handle a person who comes in, sits down, and tells you whom they're going to kill, and how they're going to do it? Whew.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Good list. I am ready to see more pics of all of the cats.

jonboy said...

Gift cards ... that's what I'm seriously considering giving everyone for Christmas. So, where's your favorite place to shop?

Our office building is being used as a polling place today. I got to pull up someone's illegally placed candidate sign early this morning. It was fun. Of course, now it is sitting in my office and I have to explain to everyone who walks by that I really did vote for the other guy.

P.M. Prescott said...

If someone takes time energy and effort to give good gifts their reward is the happiness and gratitude of the person receiving the gift. A smile, hug, mad passionate kiss, and so on. Showing gratitude is sometimes really difficult, we've been taught how to give, but no how to receive.