Friday, May 12, 2006

Feelin' Friday

Its been a long and snotty week, resulting in a trip to the doctor. Trips to the doctor always result in dignity wrenching hillarity, don't they? Or is it just me? I will tell you about it when I can figure out how to do so without T.M.I. So, instead of anything cemetery-ish or otherwise entertaining, here is a bit of internetish fun:

Quiz Meme
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Murderers After Dark


Sally said...

Graet band name... hope you are feeling better soon

see-through faith said...

Hi Rach. Hope you feel good soon. And I loved the cow :)

Wide Lawns Subservient Worker said...

I had a cold too! I had to go to the doctor too, but this was a good thing because it resulted in codeine! Can colds be passed through blogs I wonder? I hope you are feeling better now.

Wobblingscruffbag said...

For an insite into what it really means to be homeless, go here,

You will be glad you did.

Jackson said...

well girl it looks like the moron wobblingscruffbag found you as well. What an idiot