Thursday, August 04, 2005


I have had to do a ton of proof-reading this week. I hate proof-raeding, don't yuo? The only time it was ever anything close to tolerable was my senior year in high school. Mr. Coats was the English teacher. Remember him, Kinkaid? He had just retired from the army and been recruited by the CIA as a researcher and his wife was a comic book appraiser and he could read and he wasn't a coach. Remember that?

Mr. Coats had this system of ratiocination for writing. I don't know if he devised it himself or it came out of the Associated Press Stylebook or what. But it was sort of vaugely fun and really improved my writing. I wish I still had the instructions for it...

Anyway, during my bouts of prolonged proof-reading this week I have rewarded myself with a few minutes of play time when I completed the tasks. Here are a few of my favorite toys:

Patently Silly: Bringing you the best of the worst of U.S. Patent Applications. No, seriously, its really funny! My current favorite is "Method And Apparatus For Identifying A Winner In A Bingo Game".

McSweeny's: Admittedly, I don't always get it. (I'm living in the boonies here. Cut me some slack!) But I like it!

Bloody Finger Mail: My second-most preferred form of communication.

Found: Ever since J. sent me this link, I find myself addicted to the find of the week. I keep picking up trash in the street hoping for something good that I can contribute. So far, no luck.

Now, back to work!


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Now I know why you have been so quiet!

I love the Found Magazine.

annie said...

I love Found Magazine too! I had forgotten about it, I am so glad you reminded me.

I guess you got too tired to proof-read this post, huh?!

Captainwow said...

I went to the bloody site and played around. Couldn't think of a person I wanted to gross out badly enough, so I just wrote bloody stuff and laughed.
thanks for the entertainment!
I'll try to remember this around halloween! :o)