Friday, August 19, 2005

Time Flies

Its Friday afternoon. I didn't have many people to on my schedule. Now my last remaining appointment has cancelled. I tried to sound sternly diapproving when he called. Probably didn't quite pull it off.

Got some paperwork done that has been niggling at the bottom of my to-do-pile. In the process I discovered someone else's shortcut from two years ago has unexpectedly caused my work to increase to Pandoran proportions. Since it is nearly 4:00 p.m. on Friday, the chances of my finding an attorney in the D.A.'s office who would be willing to research my problem are nil. I will have to postpone this until Monday at least. I'm trying to sound sternly disapproving of this as well. Is it working?

The community service supervisor just brought me the paperwork on a conference he wants to attend. I will forward it to the bookkeeper to be paid. However, since she doesn't work on Friday afternoons there is no chance it will be done today. I may as well wait to make the reservations until next week when she is here to cut me a check. Much sterness. Vast disapproval. Trying desperately to crease my brow and wipe goofy grin off face.

I was supposed to meet with the other supervisor this afternoon to discuss caseload distribution in the wake of departmental changes for the next fiscal year. My afternoon was fairly flexible, so I told her to come get me whenever she is ready to meet. Time is short. She has been past my office door several times without mentioning the meeting. It appears she forgot. I am stern. I disapprove. I am not making eye contact in case it jogs her memory.

Forty-nine minutes until quitting time.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

~sighs~ I don't feel good...can I go home?

~knowing that if she says no I am going to REMIND the other Supervisor about what she and Rach were going to do this afternoon~

~singing~ Cause we're passive...passive aggressive....

little david said...

Friday at 4:00, hmmm. Oh, that's right. I get off at 4:00 on Fridays! That's why I wasn't sitting in my office watching the clock tick.

jonboy said...

4 p.m. just couldn't get here fast enough for me on Friday. I thought about giving myself a headache so I could go home early. I didn't, though. I decided to wait it out.

SpookyRach said...

Bleh! Getting off work at 4:00 on Fridays! Where is the justice in that!? (I'm jealous!)

peripateticpolarbear said...

I once worked at a place where we got off at noon on summer Fridays. Now, that's just civil, don't you think?