Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Now I just need to find a couple of good books.

I received my bookmarks in the mail yesterday from Mindy's blog swap. They're great! (Insert Tony the Tiger voice.) The ones I received, whether by accident or design, had a theme:

I received a really beautiful marker from Judy. It is a picture of Louis Comfort Tiffany's Lily Window located in the First Presbyterian Church of Hoboken, New Jersey. It is a beautiful stained glass window. I really like lilies, so I was thrilled with the book mark. Thank you!

Then I received two markers from
Songbird and her daughter The Princess. They sat down at the dining room table, huffed a little Mod Podge and began tearing up tissue paper. The results were a couple of way cool book marks that look a whole lot like stained glass. Mr. Tiffany would be proud and so am I. (This Mod Podge appears to be really cool stuff. I am going to have to try it out.) Thank you!

I really enjoyed swaping with everyone. I get really excited about getting something in the mail, other than bills.

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halloweenlover said...

I wish I had known about it! How fun! Can you post pics of your gifts?