Thursday, July 07, 2005


Vacations are good. Then you come back to reality.

In addition to longing for a job with a more casual dress code (although we're no longer required to wear pantyhose) I often wish for a job that continued in my absence. Like working as a checker at a grocery store. The same people come through the lines and they get checked out by someone else while you are gone. When you come back later, they are not all lined up in front of your register impatiently waiting for you to check them out so they can put the melted ice cream and spoiled eggs in their car and go home.

Oh well.

Amuse yourselves with spooky woods while I get back to work.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

What? Ho Hum? You should be so excited cause you are back and I AM HERE!! Me with no pantyhose!!Suck it up!

Captainwow said...

casual rules. the last place I worked at we all wore jeans and flip flops - it was great. It really made people do a double take if they came in to our offices. heh.
welcome back

reverendmother said...

I can relate about the job thing. Great analogy.

bobbie said...

i echo rev. mommy - it's more work to go on vacation because you know you're coming back to the mess!

PPB said...

Oh, me, too!