Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday Cemetery Blogging

Today its all about the names. I found some interesting ones last week.

Phoebe P. Mick just makes me smile.

Richie Rippy. Doesn't he sound like a character in a 1940's war movie? He'd be the shiny, happy, slightly naive guy who was one of the first to die at the hands of the bad guys. And then at the end of the movie, all the heroes would gather around his grave and have some sort of deeply meaningful denouement and Richie's girlfriend would marry the main character or something like that.

And then there's Hazel. Her name is interesting, but I'm more interested in the stone's style. I love anything that's even remotely Art Deco. And the shiny nameplate on this concrete stone is actually a mirror. Never seen that before!

Hope you have a good day. I am taking a day off for my birthday. I didn't plan to, but if I don't do it today, I'll lose it. And that would be stupid. So, enjoy your Friday and I'll enjoy mine.


Miss Kitty said...

Happy birthday, SpookyRach! Hope it's a good day for you. These headstone are great.

zorra said...

The thing I notice about poor Hazel is that she was only fifteen years old.
I love wandering through cemeteries too, and always wonder about the stories behind the stones.

I hope your birthday is just the way you want it!

P.M. Prescott said...

Interesting names and interesting stones.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

You picked a perfect day to be off!

annie said...

Happy Birthday Spooky!

Janie said...

Happy Birthday, Spooky!

Love the photos!

Patti said...

Cool, Rach. Hope your birthday ws awesome.

St. Casserole said...

Happy Birthday, Rach!

Love the gravestones. It looks as if they've been restored.

I've seen the reverse mirror stones. I am surprised that they last so many years.

Diesel said...

I'm thinking it was Dick Rippy. "Rick L. Rippy" is fun to say though: rickelrippyrickelrippyrickelrippy!

The mirror is so people will be more likely to visit her. "Before we go, I need to see Aunt Hazel and check my hair."

Anonymous said...

Happy (belated now) Birthday Spookyrach! Loved the headstones. I will remember the names, I think..