Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Random Thoughts for Wednesday

This morning's local news show included a story about a day care in Big Flat City that stages a mock wedding for pre-schoolers each year after reading the kids several Bible stories about "husbands and wives". We're talking WEDDING here. In the church, with a minister. Gowns, tuxedos, flowers, candles, music and idiot, doe-eyed parents. Verrry creepy.

When I got home from my trip last week, Jackson was sick. He finally gave in and went to an urgent care clinic on Sunday. He has pneumonia. Not a cold. Not allergies. Pneumonia.

He's such a show off.

Speaking of ill - I had not one headache all of last week. The minute I walked back into my office, my head started to pound. I've now had this headache for 3 long damn days. I think I need to chuck it all and move to East Texas. How am I going to convince all my homies to come with me? And then we'll all be whining and wanting to move back when summer gets here. So much for that idea!

Does Forrest Whitaker creep you out? Or is it just me?

Evil Steve has abandoned my chair in favor of Jackson's. Evidently my blanket-free legs are not to her liking this evening. I have been most officiously snubbed.

Remember Mr. Hyhun on "Hey, Arnold!"? "Its very creepy!"

Yesterday Katie came calling at the bedroom door. She was creeped out because one of the cats had brought a rat into her bedroom. She found it when she dropped her watch behind the bed. The watch had landed on the "smushy, furry thing" and she didn't want to touch it. I cinched up my bathrobe and grabbed the necessary tools (broom and dustpan) and pulled out the bed so I could rescue the contaminated time-piece. I swiped at the furry carcass to maneuver it into the dustpan. The brown, hairy mass rolled over and grinned at me.

It was a dis-embodied Barbie head. Very creepy!


PPB said...

disembodied Barbie heads? ooh. shiver.

reverendmother said...

Honest to God, I really did shiver.

zorra said...

Does Forrest Whitaker creep you out, or just the characters he plays? I think he's a good actor. The Scientist wants to see The Last King of Scotland, but I'm afraid it will be too violent for me.

You describe things so well. Ooh, the Barbie head. If I had been there I would have shrieked.

SpookyRach said...

Zorra - he's an excellent actor. You're right - its the characters he plays. And he plays 'em well. Brrrr!

Mary Beth said...

I hurt my stomach when I laughed at the Barbie head.

Don't you feel...better...if not more creeped out, by having Barbie and not the rat?

at least her head is gone now.

jonboy said...

Barbie head and Forrest Whitaker, I'm not sure which is worse. Whitaker does creep me out and it is not the characters he plays. His characters are all the same -- over-emotional big men who learn some deep life lesson throughout the course of the show.
...And who is he when he accepts an award? Some over-emotional big man who tells us of some deeper meaning garbage about his life.

grandma1 said...

My part of East Texas could use a good liberal.

Be prepared for over 100 days of 100 degree weather in the summer.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

~laffin~ I know you would have been braver had it been a rat!

Trace said...

Perfect time for me to tell you Forrest creeps me out!!
It is now 1:30am. here in Southwest Virginia; and, here I am up late reading my favs.
I gotta' tell ya', the episode of ER tonight (actually last night) featuring the dude, made me feel sick to my stomach...

Captainwow said...

yes, creepy characters, charming guy.
Sounds very interesting around there.
glad you got the broom and dustbin for the barbie head!! Good thing you didn't Touch THAT!