Saturday, January 20, 2007

It snowed.

It snowed 4 inches today. Most of y'all are gonna laugh, but that pretty much closes stuff down around here. It doesn't happen very often, but it does happen every 2 or 3 years. What was really embarrassing was the reaction that people had even before anything happened. There was a run on bottled water at the grocery stores. Wal-Mart was packed with worried people throwing fits over energy bars and pretzles like they were the last Tickle Me Elmo to be found in creation the weekend before Christmas. Some schools chose, on Thursday, to close on Friday. Even though there was no snow until late Friday afternoon, and the roadways stayed clear until late in the evening. It was like we were facing our own private Katrina. Embarrassing.

Of course, I may experience my own little freak-out tomorrow. I have to leave at o'dark-thirty to catch a plane. I have never flown in the snow before. Lucky me.

I'm going to Huntsville again. For an entire week of middle management training. An entire week. Of middle management training. Its so boring that they couldn't even think of anything snappy to call it. Just Middle Management Training.

And the hotel? The first thing listed on its website under amenities is "Elevator: yes." This is followed by Public Phones and Ice on Every Floor.

Y'all are all jealous. I can feel it.


Linda (FM) said...

Years ago, I got caught in an ice storm in your fair town. Made me miss my flight out of big city to the north and east. You should heard the laughter when I told the folks back home in California that I wouldn't be back because I was stranded in Texas-town So Aptly Described.

Dinner at the Cotton Patch was mighty fine though.

ppb said...

I am jealous.
I live in a very north state and have had NO SNOW! I'm mad!HAve fun learning how to manage the middle. Hey, maybe I could take that class, and fit into smaller clothes?h

Janie said...

Spooky, hope you have a good trip. I hate going off to schools/seminars/etc because you are so grounded for the week. Maybe yours will be better.

Lorna said...

hope there are photos of the snow ... and come back safe - we miss you already

and yeah we NEED snow here in Finland. Need it ... you hear me?

annie said...

I AM jealous (and so ashamed!) Your town's reaction to the snow sounds a lot like out town's reaction would be, except that we have not had snow for SEVENTEEN YEARS...did I mention I was jealous? (I don't want a ton of snow, just a little bit. I'm not greedy or anything!)

Have fun out of town. Enjoy that elevator!

Mile High Pixie said...

Spookyrach, I feel your pain. It's been snowing all day today here in Denver, so we've gotten at least 4 inches in 6 hours. When I first moved here fromt the south, I was positively incensed that 8 inches of snow didn't shut this place down and I *still* had to go to work.

P.M. Prescott said...

Such a weird winter. We've had more snow here in the last month than we usually get in a decade.
I feel for you with the mind numbing training -- a whole week of it! Are you taking Jim Beam along with you to help pass the time? That would be enough to get me to start drinking.

Patti said...

Yes, I'm jealous! I bet there's a candy machine, too!

SpookyRach said...

Oh yeah, Patti. They have a candy and coke machine on the second floor. Woohoo!

However, I can't complain too much - its free and they have wireless internet.

So far only a margarita, Prescott.

Linda!!! You could've called. Granted, I'd never heard of you and vice versa, but, still!!! (I bet they did laugh in your part of CA.)

Lorna - Y'all aren't getting any snow? Wow! That must be really, really unusual.

17 years, annie? I'm gonna have to google your town. For some reason I thought it was further north than thant.

Miss Kitty said...

I *am* jealous, as I have been praying fervently for snow and/or ice ever since October. Of course, here in central Georgia, 4" of snow would sure enough shut things down. For DAYS.

In March 1993, we got 10" of snow. It was AWESOME. Well, except for the fact that final exams got pushed back a day or two, not entirely cancelled (I was in college). And I wish you luck and a safe trip going to Huntsville, Aladamnbama, for your uncreatively-titled training. It snows in H-ville sometimes, thought not often.

Purechristianithink said...

Do they have those little things on he bedside table where you put in quarters and the bed vibrates?

Diesel said...

You should have a contest for what to call the training. I nominate "A Highway to Tomorrow."

mary beth said...

Well, honey, it's HUNTSVILLE. You can't be expecting too much from it!

Have fun...I bet you can find some way to spice things up. ;)

little david said...

OK, Rachel, when we went to CA for Christmas, we stayed in a hotel nearest to our son's house. It was part of the Vagabond Inn chain. Does that give you any clues? Our roooms were on the third floor, but Cat, her sister, and I could not all fit in the elevator with our luggage--it was that tiny. And the next day, the button for the second floor was missing! Good thing we were staying on the third floor. Hope you have similar good luck.

SpookyRach said...

Oh man, David! That's really bad. (This sounds like the Camelot Inn in Amarillo.) I bet Cat and her sister had a great laugh about that!