Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday Cemetery Blogging

I love cemetery fences.

I need a big, slightly decrepit, Victorian house surrounded by cemetery fence.
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I have a small bit of garden in my front yard that has bits and pieces of cemetry-type fence around it. I put lots of crosses in the garden in an attempt to make it feel cemetery-ish. Instead, it just looks like we are overly-religious.


Captainwow said...

BAHAHA I'm getting a picture of the overly religious yard.
I drove by a huge gigantic cemetary the other day and thought of you. There's a cemetary up the street from me a ways who's retaining wall caved out this winter. They say no dead bodies came tumbling out but it is a hundreds of years old stone wall holding up a big hill and it's a little weird because they've not gotten around to repairing it for months. I guess they maybe have to wait for spring thaw?
Anyway, an exploding cemetary is something I'd never heard of.

SpookyRach said...

An exploding cemetery? That definitely takes the cake!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I do believe that the flamingo's add a religious touch to your home.

annie said...

I don't see the flamingos but the fence looks nice. And I don't see the crosses, either. And isn't that a monument in the first picture that says "mother"? Is that really your yard?...I'm confused.

ppolarbear said...

I want a picture of your overly religious yard.

SpookyRach said...

Annie - I wish these were pictures of my yard. Nope, they are actual cemetery fences. My overly-religoius flower bed looks terribly uncemetery-like.

PPB - When the tulips bloom I'll post a photo. Right now it does have a lot in common with a cemetery in that everything in it dead. ha!

Patti said...

A fence like that would look good around my house. I have an old victorian. Hmmm.....maybe there is a home improvement project in my future.

Patti said...

Oh, my house is definately decrepit. And probably most people would think it's big. 14 foot ceilings, about 13 rooms (2 livingrooms, who needs 2 living rooms?), a big attic full of crap, a smelly basement that floods every spring, a 125 year old heating system (still works good, though), flowers in the garden nobody recognizes (Japanese kerria?). Gee, maybe I should post about my house!

SpookyRach said...

I'd love to see it, Patti!

see-through faith said...

"Right now it does have a lot in common with a cemetery in that everything in it dead. ha!" GRIN

I go back to Tallinn again in March. I'm hoping DD can come to see me for the weekend. She asked me "Mum do I have to sleep in the cemetary?" meaning seminary and wondered why me and my friend howled with laughter.

I've no idea where the cemetary is in Tallinn - but now I want to check it out :)

PS I'm not sure DD can visit. She needs to be 18 to come on the ferry alone - and so I need to find someone to bring her, which wasn't really what I had in mind.