Monday, September 29, 2008

Tag! I'm it!

Baby Gator has tagged me for a meme. I'm doin' it, mostly because I'm worried she might kick my butt if I don't. She used to be such a nice, sweet, young thang. But now she's a total badass.

Six Unremarkable Things About Me:

1. I freak out when it's hot in the bathroom in the mornings while I'm trying to get dressed. Totally freak the hell out. I come stumbling in after yet another masochistic session at the YMCA, only to find that Jackson has decided to take a HOT shower and has steamed the place up. (Just because the man has more hardware in him than Lee Majors ever did, he thinks he's entitled to HOT showers! The nerve!) Steam is so not my friend. I take a not-so-hot shower and still can't get cooled off. Have you ever tried blow drying your hair or applying make-up while you're still actively sweating? It can't be done. I freak out. I curse like a sailor and tend to throw stuff and plot vicious revenge scenarios on our pissant little air conditioner that won't effectively suck the heat or humidity out of the master bedroom end of the house. And then I think about how much I hate Annette. I hate her a lot. She's the one who talked me into this whole YMCA thing. Not only am I torturing myself at an ungodly hour of the morning, I'm also paying for the privelege. And last week we tried to convince the instructor to move the classes up to 5:45 a.m. instead of 6:00. What the hell is wrong with me?

2. Once I have some breakfast, I'm generally fine.

3. My spiritual gift is sarcasm. Joey and I decided in Sunday School yesterday that we both have this gift. Joey is a preacher's kid, too, which makes us experts in this field. We also agreed that little david shares our gift. We are inordinately proud of this gift. There are t-shirts.

4. As long as Amber, the college student with good taste in footwear, keeps coming, I am no longer the youngest person in our Sunday School class. I wonder who the oldest person is? Eh. Who cares?

5. I am painting a picture of a queen with multi-colored hair. When I finish that, I'm starting on an oranged-haired cartoon vampire that I saw on a Myspace ad while I was looking over Katie's shoulder last night. Much eye-rolling ensued when I said "Oh, wait! Go back! I gotta sketch that real fast!"

6. I have become a tea snob. I didn't mean to, it just happened. It started when an email friend in Denmark told me we Americans don't know crap about tea. To prove it, she sent me a box full of 16 different loose teas she picked up at the local tea house. (Wow! A tea house!) I was an immediate convert. I've been ruined. I no longer linger over the vast array of tea bags in the supermarket. I no longer lust over pre-trussed bits of leaf and herb in little baggies, although I admit to still being a sucker for their interesting packaging. Nope, I'm strictly an Upton's loose tea proselyte now. They have this Earl Grey blend that I would rob a bank for. Damn, it's good. Even in the weenie decaf version.

Hmm... I think this is enough memeing for one night. I gotta go boil some water.


Anonymous said...

gotta get one of those shirts!!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...


It's like you ate breakfast between #1 and #2.

And how can sarcasm come from such a delicate flower?

DogBlogger said...

Um, Rach.... did you know "spiritual" is misspelled on the t-shirt? (Is it part of the joke and I'm not cool enough to get it?)

SpookyRach said...

Haaaaaaaaaaa! That's hilarious! No, I didn't even pay attention. (this is how the gods get ya back for being snarky.) I'll change it tonight. Thanks!

cheesehead said...

Gotta get one of those shirts!

Alton Brown calls that stuff in the little bags "tea dust". Ew.

And I am a Biatch Supreme when I try to get dressed and I'm sweating again because SOMEBODY had to steam up the bathroom.

DogBlogger said...

The scary thing: I wasn't the one who caught it.

I guess there's consolation in the fact that he who caught it does hold the title of Copy Editor.

SpookyRach said...

Worst semester of my life was the time I had to take that copy editing class. Argh!!!!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

tea drinker? *eye roll* are you sticking your pinky finger out while you drink tea?

and HEY i said... pinky finger so don't go flippin' other fingers at me b/c i prefer the java 'kay?

*muttering tea drinkers*

Cynthia said...

Ditto on the hot bathroom.

Ditto on the sarcasm.

Ditto on... what the hell?
No tea, lady, us Texas poets drink coffee.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Cynthia and I are twin sisters from different families.

Anonymous said...

You are a hoot! I totally understand the heat in the bath thang!


Dijea said...

We sooo share #1. I sometimes feel like I need another shower after I blow dry the giant mop that is the hair on my head.

This has helped me. Don't dry off stand there dripping wet and use the cold blast on the hairdryer to dry the water. You will no longer be hot. I promise you.

zorra said...

The hot bathroom! You are brilliant! No, of course I'm not having hot flashes every's just the heat in the bathroom!!! Thanks!

mid-life rookie said...

A few years ago we "redid" our bathroom, tile, paint... One of the things we did was add a ceiling fan. A big ceiling fan with big wide blades. It helps some with the morning heat if I remember to turn it on in time. I'm with you Zorra - surely it's the bathroom - nothing else.

annie said...

I only recently started drinking coffee.

I'm interested in that tea thing. The whole idea of "real" tea, with the leaves and the diffuser and so on.