Friday, February 22, 2008

Y'all are all positively Pavlovian!!!!!

Positively Pavlovian. Say that three times fast.

Evidently, I have mucked about with one of the few constants in the universe by failing to post a cemetery picture today. You have my deepest and most sincere apologies. I thought I would rectify the situation forthwith, but it appears all those little techie gadgets that Jackson convinces me I can't live without - you know, the ones with all my photos - are languishing uselessly at home.

So, basically, you're screwed. No photo. So sue me.

*big grin*

Have a great weekend!


Janie said...

Oh. My. God.

No photo? And you were going to be my "stuck at the airport" entertainment.

(Well, you were, I was a couple of days behind on blogreadin'....)

Have a great weekend, yourself!!

Dijea said...

Do you realize how much this is going to cost me in therapy bills?

Presbyterian Gal said...

*lower lip a' quiverin'*
No cemetary pictures?



Isn't it nice to be loved?
You have a great weekend too!

annie said...

No cemetery photo? Darn it all to heck. Does this mean we will get two next week?

tracy said...

Oh God, Spooky; I just read your last 3 posts before this one. What a hoot you are...Katie is secretly very happy and proud to have you and Jackson as parents, but she might not tell you until she's in her 30s. Not unless she is "different" from all the others--heh.

Your pup is gorgeous!

We used to live in front of a church (church parking lot was practically in our back yard)that had huge dinners every other day. Sam would stand out on the deck and watch the folks cart food into their dining hall. Those Methodists! They are actually to blame for my food addictions now. Sam and I didn't go to that church, but I think he contemplated it on a regular basis.

tracy said...

Oh, and I was really looking forward to a new cemetery photo. Don't make me come out there--heh.

JenStar said...

You have spoiled us every Friday and now you are making us suffer. All I have to say is that this week's photo had better be a humdinger or I might have to stop reading your blog!!! ha ha ha You can't tear me away from this thing!