Monday, August 20, 2007

Random Monday Stuff

The wind was blowing too hard this afternoon, so I called for a pick-up. I tried riding my bike, but I had trouble riding DOWN the hill against the wind, so I knew UP the hill was a waste of effort. I assumed Jackson would pick up Katie first, since she was at day camp on his side of town, then pick me up on the way home. He picked me up first. He said he knew Katie was safe and sound where she was and I was just sitting on a curb on the side of the road. He thought he better get me first. Wonder what kind of trouble he thought I was going to get into, just sitting on the curb?

After we loaded my bike, we went back across town to get Katie at the YMCA. I went in to collect her. She saw me at the door and her face went a little pale. She ran up and asked "Am I going to have to ride on your bike?" I told her yes, but not to worry about it. I'd let her do the pedaling.

We hung out at the cemetery in Earth,Tx on Saturday. They have some interesting dead people.

I signed up for art lessons last week. Painting class will start the week after Labor Day. I'm way all excited.

Speaking of Labor Day, we're going camping that weekend. We told Katie she could bring a friend. She immediately called her little softball buddy. Softball buddy is a likable kid, but she's, well, a kid. I don't like kids. SB is a year younger than Katie and she's a short, sparky little thing. She is friendly to a fault. She's never met a stranger and for some reason she's decided she loves us. She's a good kid. But she's a kid - loud, energetic, demanding constant interaction. Her parents are nice, hard working people. And I discovered, at the end of season pizza party, that SB's grandmother and I had a long-standing professional relationship. (Welfare fraud. Mostly unintentional. Heh.) I completely dread spending two days in the confines of a state park with a kid. But I'm gonna suck it up. I'm working on the whole 'what would be the most Christian thing to do in this situation?' thing. I'm working on it. (Two nights, three days. I doubt the kid has ever been anywhere without a TV. Or a playstation. Sigh...)

Katie is a kid, too. But she's an only child, used to entertaining herself. I've always had a problem with kids in general, especially those that run in packs. Mindy once said I like kids who were raised by adults - sort of like being raised by wolves. That's pretty close to accurate. I'm not really a Scrooge about it, not really, but kids in packs sort of unnerve me. They're so...frenetic!

"Suck it up" is my new mantra.

I'm currently engaged in a battle of wills with a housefly. I would be winning, but Jackson won't let me smack his head with the flyswatter.


Lorna (see through faith) said...

Praying that SBkid loves camping, nature and being away from the playstation. This trip could be the big eye opener for you.

Praying for nice weather too - so there's lots of outside things for the girls - oh and pack books and games. You don't have to join in - but you might enjoy it - a lot :)

Wish I was coming. For all the reasons you are going in the first place.

Oh and hey the art lessons. Wow :)

Presbyterian Gal said...

If you paint anything like the photos you take, we're in for some treats.

SB: LOL. Being and having an only child, I totally understand. "Suck it up" is something I have had to learn to practice as well. It is REALLY good training to practice with a pitcher of margaritas. Or just the tequila bottle.

....and I cannot understand why Jackson won't let you smack his head with the flyswatter. :-)

Captainwow said...

I feel the same way - bout kids.

good luck with that... maybe you'll love it.

Miss Kitty said...

I am SO WITH YOU on the part about "kids." I'll take one like Katie anyday over the regular kind.

I've been known to use my flyswatter on people's heads...they usually don't appreciate it. :-P

zorra said...

Being the only child of older parents, I completely get what you're saying. Kids in packs intimidated me when I WAS a kid, much less now! Sometimes I ponder why, in a professional context, I can happily sit and interact with one child for up to three or four hours, but in my personal life, or any time I'm outnumbered, well...!
At least she's a sweet, happy child. It'll work out.

Jan said...

Being the only child of a parent who was an only child and another parent who had one sibling, I certainly grew up with the attitude of "suck it up"--but back then it was "don't complain; don't bother people." My last child (of four) somehow got that message and says she wishes some friends wouldn't whine, because they jsut should "suck it uP."

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous of the art lessons - one of these days when seminary is over...
Totally get the kid thing too - even though I lead a cub scout troop and work with kids all the time - I think she will respond well to you if you do not pander to her kidness, but treat her as you would a small adult - kids actually like that... most of 'em do anyway...the others drive me crazy!

Anonymous said...

You know what my friends would tell me, don't ya??? Put on your big girl panties & deal with it. You might actually have fun???


Janie said...


Cynthia said...

Yay, going to class! We can be classmates, virtually.

Now, about kids. I can honestly say I love kids and I absolutely hate them. Only children are easier to tolerate. They are so "grownie," as my family used to say. I both cannot stand them and cannot stand to be without them. They are delicious and maddening. I feel for you.

BTW, I am slowly making my way through all the back posts of all my people that I missed during Algebra. You and Annie have been completed. Now, on to the rest.

reverendmother said...

Art lessons---awesome.

Tauratinzwe said...

"We hung out at the cemetery in Earth,Tx on Saturday. They have some interesting dead people."

That's one of the most interesting things I've read lately. I think you've got something there.

Baby Gator said...

Oh Rach that last little blurb made me LOL, literally.

scotte said...

you can do this --its only little girls!!! Good Luck

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

*snparky little thing* Oh I like that! I hope someone things that about me! In a good way or course not in a *she likes to set fires* way.