Monday, July 09, 2007

Pusillanimous Asterisks Masquerading As Bloodthirsty Bullets

* The family reunion went well, although it was almost terminally boring. I thought about trying some of Presby Gal’s suggestions, but I don’t think anyone would have noticed.

* The very best part of the reunion was the fact that Cousin Ralph, the guy who hit on me last time, decided that Jackson would be his new best friend this time. He’s really a nice guy, but one of those people that we southerners like to describe, with a pat on the knee, as “a bit slow”.

Jackson and Katie Listen to "Cousin Ralph".

* Jackson tried to escape his new best friend, but to no avail. He excused himself to go to the restroom at one point as a means of terminating the conversation. Cousin Ralph jumped up and followed, promising to show Jackson the way to the facilities. Upon entry, Jackson discovered there was only a single facility. He gallantly offered to step outside and let Ralph use it first. Ralph offered to share. Jackson ran away. Far away.

* We survived camping. It rained, but it was really nice, perfect rain. It wasn’t even very hot. I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop.

* We had several wildlife encounters while camping. Wildlife of the West Texas variety.

Right after breakfast. What do you think he ate? Rabbit? Rat?

* I’m working on five questions Patti sent me. I had planned to write my answers this past week, but my work email had swallowed the questions and refused to regurgitate them to my home email. So, this week, for sure!

* Our cleaning lady got a full-time job. She’s been cleaning my house for nigh onto thirteen years. There is much weeping and gnashing of teeth at the Spooky R Ranch. Katie is scrubbing toilets even as we speak.

* Three more weeks until more vacation! Hot tub on the mountain-side variety.

* Riding my bike home at 8:30 in the evening, in a very light rain - good. Real good. The wind and the persistent lightening that showed up halfway home? Not so good. If it had gotten any worse, I would've stopped at Little David's house and scrawled "Help!" on his driveway with chalk.


Presbyterian Gal said...

About time you got back.

*hand to mouth in horror* No cleaning lady!!! Lordy, if mine left I don't know what I'd do. Perhaps I could call Katie if that happens.

"Jackson ran away. Far away" *snorts* That's funny.

Wildlife pictures are cool. Toldya the camping would work out. It's the next trip you have to watch out for. Call the voodoo lady and get the right doll to stick the pins into. Use Cousin Ralph. He'll likely just think his drop drawers are itchin'.

Randy said...

If someone would have remembered their cell phone, they could have called their loving husband to come and pick them up on the side of the road so you would not have gotten so wet. I have experience at picking you up on the side of the road....remember the motorcycle trips.

Your Cousin "Ralph" was a different character indeed. I felt I was stuck in Hillbilly hell. After the bathroom incident, I kept waiting to hear the bangos playing

Patti said...

Texas wildlife is so cute! OUr family reunions are literally a day at the beach, yours sound so...interesting. Banjos would have been welcome, I think.

Mile High Pixie said...

Oh! Snakes! Me want one! I used to catch them and keep them in a jar when we lived in Alabama. If only the snake had eaten Cousin Ralph.

Jackson said...

AMEN Mile High. Cousin Ralph needs to be digested

little david said...

Terrific photos! Glad to hear all the news. And, Rachel, you know we would provide you with shelter. There's a wicker chair on the porch.

Trace said...

Oh my gosh, Spooky! I am starting from the beginning here to catch up with you again. Looks as though I have really been missin' out on some cool livin' here...Great pictures! Poor Jackson, trying to get away from cousin Ralph. LOL!!