Monday, June 04, 2007

In which the author feels all self-righteous and thin.

Guess what!

I rode my bike to work today.

Do you know how cool that is? Well, it's way cool. That's how cool it is.

We have no public transportation here in Fake Cow County. Not really. There is a government subsidised van service that provides transportation mostly for MHMR clients and disabled vets back and forth to doctor's appointments and part-time jobs. It is technically open to the public, but I've never known of anyone else who's actually used it. Part of the problem is it doesn't have a set route. You have to call 24 hours in advance to schedule your "pick up". The Metro it ain't.

I've always been jealous of bloggers who talk about riding public transportation. It sounds so, well, interesting! Then my stinkin' brother bought a bike and has been riding back and forth to work. That wasn't any big deal because he lives only 4 blocks from his office. So, I wasn't impressed, but I was kind of jealous.

M2 is kicking my butt on the cholesterol contest, so I know I need more exercise. And I could stand to lose 10 or 90 pounds, too. It also cost me $65.00 last time I filled my truck with gas. I really, really wanted to ride a bike to work.

I have a 10 speed bike. You cannot imagine how much I hate it. I hate it a lot. Therefore, I never ride it. In fact, a few weeks ago, when I first thought about this, I checked it out and found the front wheel had been mangled up, evidently by Jackson or I crashing the riding lawnmower into it. I was not sad.

On Memorial Day I borrowed my sister-in-law's bike. She has the girl version of Jonboy's bike. I rode it from my house to my office. When I got back home, Katie said "You're already back? Wow."

Wow, indeed. I loved that bike. So I bought one just like it. It's simple. It has no brakes, really. And no stupid gears. And it's not pink. And you can actually sit mostly upright while riding.

And today I rode it to work and back.

Have I mentioned that I live four miles from my office?

Uphill, both ways.


zorra said...

You rock.
I used to have a Schwinn Suburban because you could sit upright when you rode instead of being all hunched over. I wonder if they still make those.

Preacher Mom said...

Congratulations! That is really cool! And I will believe your story about it being uphill both ways, as long as you don't start talking about snowdrifts in June! :)

annie said...

You know, that would be a doable thing for me, I think. I'd have to get up a little earlier and I'd probably smell like a (not so silent) hog when I got to work, but I bet I could do it!

Why didn't you take a picture of your girly version? I know I'd definitely need that ergonomically designed seat.

News for Zorra: I heard today that another company bought Schwinn out and they are no longer called Schwinn.

Janie said...

I could ride my bike to work, but I'd have to get one of those rickshaw dealies to take my clients to lunch.

Still, it's a thought!

Presbyterian Gal said...

Wow! That is sooooo cool. Ditto Zorra....You totally rock.

And Zorra I still have a Scwinn Suburban. It's hanging up in the garage.

Here's how it'll go down: You'll be 30 pounds lighter by August. Your cholesterol will be on a par with Lance Armstrong's. You will have saved enough $$$$ from not buying gas to travel to Paris for a new couture wardrobe. (Please bring me back a buttermilk eclair......)

Lorna said...

good for you :)

I love it and I want to see a photo of it too.

oh and what PG said :)

don't eat alone said...

Two questions:

is there a Tour de Fake Cow County?

do you get extra points for riding in temperatures above 90?


Quotidian Grace said...

Rach, what kind of hills do you have in Fake Cow Country? Hmmmm???? My memory of what y'all call hills is a little blip on the horizon....

SpookyRach said...

Zorra: Now that we've elvolved to walk upright, I think riding upright is the only way to go.

Preachermom: No worries! I could claim snowdrifts in January and still be lying! ha!

Annie: avoidance of the hog smell is definitely a top priority! ha ha!

Janie: I wonder where we could get one of those rickshaw things around here... could be darned useful.

PG: Making my travel plans even as we speak. I think I have a free fare from Southwest saved up somewhere. Do they fly to Paris? *grins*

Milton: Totally. Totally get extra points for above 90 degrees and double bonus points for winds above 20 mph.

QG: ahem. well. *scuffs dirt with toe* It's all a matter of perspective, don'tcha know!

Miss Kitty said...

Hooray! At least you'll be relieving stress with your new two-wheeled, human-powered commute. Stock up on energy bars!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

*snickers* uphill both ways. You nut.

I am so impressed *applaudes*

I parked my CRV by your bike today.

PPB said...

My 68 year old father rode his bike to work for the last 6 years (before he retired last year). The man is going to live forever. He's in much better shape now than when we were kids and it's all that bike thing!

I'm totally impressed!

Sue said...

Totally impressive. I bought a bike last year and rode it as much as possible. I felt pretty good by the end of summer. I'm still pretty nervous in traffic though.

Way to go!

SpookyRach said...

Miss Kitty: You're right, the stress relief is a real added benefit!

PPB: I'm jealous of your dad! (From all your writing, I picture him as Dean Jones from all those 70's Disney movies.)

Mindy: Maybe they can be friends!

Sue: Good thing about living in the sticks - the only traffic you have to worry about is getting out of the way of the tractors that are driving on the highway with their plows attached.

Rev Kim said...

Impressive! The only time I ever rode my bike to work - I called my brother to pick me up at the end of the day (I'm such an undisciplined wimp). I keep telling Rev Dave, we have to get bikes. Maybe this will inspire us!

DogBlogger said...

The Alpha used to ride his bike to work, but he stopped after the second time he got hit by a car. He was unharmed the first two times, so he figured he'd better not see if the third time would be a charm.

But you, with no traffic -- you go, Rach!

Trace said...

I'm playing catch-up again on my comments. It seems I am always behind of late...

I just wanna' say: YOU GO GIRL!!