Thursday, June 14, 2007

Eight Random Things and a Cemetery Photo

Jackson and Katie are helping me with this list of 8 Random Things. Thanks to reverendmother for the tag. They have come up with some really random stuff, but after three (or is it 4?) years of doing this, I've covered most of the random stuff. Here's what we got:

1. I'm a redhead. Have I told you that before? I can't remember. And it's natural.

2. I can use power tools. And I have all my original digits. (I think Jackson married me for my drill.)

3. I have read only the first Harry Potter book. I liked it. But I haven't read any of the others. This drives Jackson, a confirmed Harry Potter addict, nuts. I've also never read the DaVinci Code. I did read Dan Brown's Angels and Demons. I liked it. But I never read the DaVinci Code. (Mom said Angels and Demons was better than the DaVinci Code, anyway.)

4. I can't dance. (Jackson and Katie both suggested I note that I can't sing, either. Ingrates!)

5. I am a morning person. In the extreme. However, I am a quiet, leave-me-alone-and-let-me-read-or-write-in-peace morning person.

6. I like to garden, but I am a lazy gardener. Thus, I refuse to plant annuals. Perennials only, please. And I seldom weed.

7. I love and adore roadhouse blues.

8. I have three graduate hours towards a Master's Degree. I really enjoyed the class, but turns out they expect you to work outside of class - do term papers and projects and the like. As if!

So, that's it. Have a great weekend!


Diesel said...

I've only read the first Harry Potter book too. I liked it, but didn't feel the need to read more.

annie said...

I recently noticed that red-headedness in the photos Mindy posted!

I heard the same thing about Angels & Demons, though I have yet to read either book.

Cathy said...

I have read NO Harry Potter books, yet. I have read Angels and Demons - and it is better than the DaVinci Code. Good play on 8 random facts

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I have not read on Harry Potter book. I can't dance but boy howdy can I sing!! *snickers*

The word verification isL errpoo

That cracks me up.

Songbird said...

I saw the pictures, too, and I must say the redheadedness did not surprise me!

Jeff said...

Great cemetery photo!

jonboy said...

Harry Potter Rocks!
Angels and Demons is way better than the DiVinci Coad. I can't wait for the movie.

If Jackson comes back to work at the alma mater, are you going to suffer through any more graduate hours? We have the new master's in counseling. However, I'm pretty sure your Get-the-hell-out-of-my-office approach to counseling isn't covered in the text book.

SpookyRach said...

Yes it is!!!!

I'm a total Ablert Ellis fan, ya sh*thead! (Geeky psychology joke, that.)

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

*snickers* I just got the photo.

Paul said...

That's actually a nice, peaceful looking photo, even with the, uh, reminder sign...

Rev Kim said...

Here, here re the gardening thing. Which is why I love impatiens - I can practically kill them and as long as I cut them back and give them a good water they always bounce back good as new.

Your desk is soo organized in Mindy's pictures. I'm jealous.

Presbyterian Gal said...

I was a redhead too. Though mine came from a bottle. And yours is much prettier (from Mindy's photos) You guys have the best office supplies!!

I like that sign. Always wanted to put it on the back end of my line of designer joke panties. To wear after long car rides.

St. Inuksuk said...

I liked your #6. I, too, am a lazy gardener and planted perenials and bulbs. I do concede on 1 6 pack of snapdragons per year and this year, I planted nasturiums.
I do plant an herb garden each year, but that's real easy. Stick them in the ground, water as needed and that's about it! The chamomile are running amuck!
Cheers for lazy gardeners!!!

Sue said...

I'm a natural redhead too, but a few years ago, the natural red needed a bit of "help."

Now I'm about 90% grey and going through the long tortured process of growing it out. When it's all grown in, I think it will be a nice silvery grey, but for now I look like a skunk.

I'm a Harry Potter addict as well. It is really best when read aloud.

Cynthia said...

I am tagging you, too, but since you already were, I am still counting you!

Redhead! Cool.

I am also the power tooler and general handy person in the family.

Janie said...

I love that Jackson married you for your drill.

Funny, that.

Presbyterian Gal said...

.....and you're tagged again!!! *tee hee*

reverendmother said...

Annuals. What's the point.