Thursday, June 07, 2007

Friday Cemetery Blogging

So far I have survived a week of bike riding to and from work. I did wimp out yesterday and call Jackson to come pick me up after work. I would've had to ride south into a 45 mile per hour sandstorm.

Today I road into the wind again, but it was only 10-20 miles per hour. It was fine until I crossed the railroad tracks about a mile and half from my house. The wind picked up and I didn't think I would make it. But I made it home, probably within minutes of stroking out on the side of the road.

I stopped at one of the larger intersections on my way home. I was in front, waiting at the stop sign. A car pulled up next to me on the left and we both waited patiently for an opening in the 5:11 to 5:13 p.m. rush hour traffic. All of a sudden, a dinky little car pulled up on my right.

It was a BMW Spider convertible, driven by one of our friendly neighborhood lawyers. He had the top down and was evidently not content to wait for me and the other car to get out of his way. Silly lawyer.

His car is so small, that sitting on my bike, I was looking down on the top of his head. I almost reached over and smacked him on the forehead. I gave him the evil eye, instead. He had the good grace to look a little embarrassed before squeezing through the 6 foot space between me and the curb and zipping on down the road. Silly lawyer.

I also saw little david on his way home. (He's just returned from Kenya.) Then I waved at the truck who I always cross paths with at the exact same spot on South Broadway every morning and every evening.

I've also made a new friend this week. I don't know his name, but he walks to work down Broadway street every morning. I usually pass him between the convenience store and the Baptist Church. Then when I get to work, I generally sit in the gazebo on the courthouse lawn for about 15 minutes and read a book so I can cool off before going into the building. He passes me then and always wonders at how I got that far that quickly. I always tell him it's because of my superfast bike. Every morning we've had this exact same conversation. Maybe next week we'll try throwing in some discussion of the weather.

But that's not what you were interested in, is it?

Last Sunday I took off and did a little cemetery exploring. Didn't find anything terribly exciting, but I did see some gorgeous landscape and had a really peaceful time. The picture I'm posting is not very good, technically speaking, but it was a neat experience.

Have you heard the legends of crows as death messengers? Sent to fortell death or to accompany a soul to the afterlife? Evidently this crow takes her work home with her and is living in the cemetery. She jumped up and flew at me - I guess I got too close to a nest or something. Or maybe I just scared her. Anyway, I managed to snap a photo before she was completely gone.

And this is another photo I took that day, just to show you that we do indeed have some real bovines here in Fake Cow County.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Actually, I am very interested in your biking tales. You are just so totally awesome. I also like that you actually SEE things on the ride.....not just focused on getting to your destination.

*grins* I think that I am the second cow from the right. I seem to be whispering to the cow beside me.

Presbyterian Gal said...

I'm so proud of SuperRach, the biking hero!! 'Silly Lawyer' *snorts*.

The crow picture is really nice. There's a story there somewhere. Did you know that a grouping of crows is called an "unpleasance"?

And, Mindy, stop whispering, I can't understand you and I'm trying to eat here!

Lorna (see through faith) said...

LOVE it that your are biking ... and hey it's ok to be sensible and wimp out when there's a sandstorm ... cycling in that is like rubbing yourself with sand paper ... yuk!

loved the photo and what you said about crows ... reminds me of that legend that if the ravens leave the tower of London the monarchy (of the UK) will fall.

Since I'm not a royalist ... would it count ... nah forget it :)

have a GREAT weekend!

Mile High Pixie said...

"stroked out": Baahaaha! I haven't heard that phrase since when I worked at the hospital in Georgia!

I have *so* got to get my cemetary photos together and pay homage to your Photographic Awesomeness.

Trace said...

Love the crow in mid-air. The site looks very peaceful as well. Kind of home-like, if you will.

Gosh, am I becoming morbidly weird or something? "Home-like"--yikes!

Oh well, I'm just glad I found you because I thought for years that I was the only person who enjoyed cemeteries.