Thursday, March 15, 2007

Friday Cemetery Blogging

Harley Davidson meets Rolls Royce*

This is my all-time favorite cemetery angel, so far. My friend C.Wright found this in Palestine. Palestine, Texas. When I made a pilgrimage to her place last month, this was one of the cemeteries on my list that I was dying to visit.
I don't know who the sculptor is. His/her signature is engraved on the teal-colored base of the statue. I couldn't read it and wasn't able to get a good photo of it in the fading light. The statue doesn't mark any single grave and there is no plaque giving credit for its placement to the Order of the Eastern Star or The Ali-Babba Temple of the Shrine. It's just there.

At the edge of the cemetery, at the end of a star shaped sidewalk (don't ask - its hard to explain and even harder to photograph) which leads to the statue, there is this stone:

Art for art's sake. We could use more of that.

Thanks to Miss Kitty for the title this week. She captured the exact feel of this rusting chrome angel.


Songbird said...

That is a fascinating angel.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

She is just awesome. And I think that the scripture just adds to the whole thing.

Miss Kitty said...

Glad to be able to help, Spooky. :-P

Lorna said...

'dying to visit' ... laughing :)

Great pics of a masterpiece! Thanks

Trace said...

She is most beautiful. Thank you Spooky.

annie said...

She is a most interesting piece of work.

I am like Lorna, cracking up at that "dying to visit" comment!

P M Prescott said...

Fantastic artwork.