Monday, March 19, 2007

Just Another Manic Monday

...and I've nothing, really, to say.

But honestly, when has that ever stopped me?

I took some time off last week and recharged my batteries a bit. That was good. Once again I've been struck by the baseball bat of epiphany and remembered that my attitude is what shapes my reality. Therefore I went back at work with a bit of renewed attitude today.

They hired a new secretary last week while I was away. She hasn't started yet, but I'm excited about it. We never have any 'new blood' here. No one ever leaves. Occasionally they die, or retire or even get arrested, but no one never just quits to take another job elsewhere. Our rookie officer has been here for five years. This is really good, because it means we generally all get along. It can also be really stifling because we all know every tiny little detail of our co-workers lives and we act like a big disfunctional family at times. There is a lot of the 'boarding house reach' here and occasionally someone takes an elbow to the nose. So, it will be nice to have a new face and a new perspective.

Someday I'll tell you about who died and who got arrested. Those are good stories.

Jackson is convinced I have some form of raging tuberculosis. He's already planning how to spend the life insurance money. I am clinging to life just to spite him. And the cough is getting better.

Rose returned a couple of books today that I loaned her months ago. I had totally completely forgotten about them. Which is way weird, because I am a complete nazi about loaning books. Surely I'm not getting all mellow about this. Strange...

Its beginning to feel like spring here. The trees are budding. My damn daffodils have managed to survive long enough to have some decent blooms. (I really hate those flowers.) And the tulips have grown enough that they aren't of interest to the rabbits. I need to get out the seed catalogue tonight and place my order. Gonna try to grow some peanuts this year. Just for laughs.

That's what I know. What do you know?


Linda (FM) said...

So if you have TB, can we call you a lung-er?

Hope your cough is better soon.

Trace said...

I know I'm wide awake in the middle of the night; and, I have been touched by this post. I was having myself a little pity party earlier this evening and then I read you comment about, "attitude". I may make it okay yet, Spooky.

We never know the good we can do just by blogging; each in our own special ways. This blogging thing has saved me from myself so often. Think I'll get some sleep now...hugs!

PS. I always leave my volume up when reading your site now. I simply love the music from your video. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again!

cheesehead said...

Stories! Your public demands stories!

Janie said...

Spooky - I love your music, too!

Get better soon!

jonboy said...

If you die from TB, can I have your pickup?

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Hey....I am not stalking you I am just dysfunctional!