Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Random Thoughts for Wednesday

I had meatloaf at church tonight for supper. It was so freakin' good. Really.

God, I hate going to church on Wednesday nights. Seriously. But Katie still loves it. And its pretty short. Its not so much that church is disagreeable. Home is just so much more agreeable.

Katie shut her finger in a desk drawer and made it bleed rather respectably. She has decided that an episode of Full House will make it all better. I am considering breaking a toe so her daddy will let me change the channel.

Maybe I will just blog instead.

Jackson just told me Annie Potts was his favorite Designing Woman. Mary Jo? Mary JO?! That's so wrong. Everyone knows Julia was the best. I don't know how I managed to marry him not knowing his heretical views in this area. When I asked him to redeem himself by telling me his favorite Golden Girl, he just rolled his eyes. (Dorothy is the correct answer here, people.)

Good lord, he just named all the characters on Beverly Hills 90210. Our marriage is in serious trouble here.

Katie and Jackson are leaving me alone to my own devices this weekend. I think I will go explore a cemetery. I'm about to get desperate about searching for a Christmas card photo.

I want some feety pajamas.

This has been a crazy week at work. All my people are crazy. Full-moon crazy. I am ready for the weekend.

Have I told you we have a new cat? Omar Jones has left the building. So, we adopted a new kitty. His name is Mathias and he's very scruffy. And skittish.

Got us some tickets to see the Transiberian Orchestra the day after Thanksgiving. Yessireebob.

My new rubber band ball is a measly half inch. Sigh...

Jackson wants to know how it is that the kids in his classes can clandestinely text on a tiny illicit cell phone at incredible speeds, yet the pound around on the key board one lousy key at a time. "Little peckers..." he said. (He may well be ready for the weekend too.)

Got a phone call today from a counselor at our local out-patient treatment program. She was doing follow up on a woman I'd referred to their program a few months ago. Bad timing. The woman went to court yesterday on a motion to revoke her probation. She told the judge that of course she kept using drugs - after all everyone knows "relapse is a part of recovery". But the Judge could trust her to stay clean now. She will "never do drugs again" and since she's never said that before, that makes it true.

Did I mention that all my people are crazy this week?


zorra said...

And I helped MAKE meatloaf at church tonight for supper! Coincidence? I think not.
Ours was good too!

don't eat alone said...

Hey! I made meatloaf at the restaurant for the special today (also freakin' good) served with parmesan mashed potato cakes and maple glazed brussell sprouts and we sold out.

Is the a Meatloaf Moon?


Patti said...

I had an encounter with a crazy 7 year old. Goose bumps down your back crazy. I don't know if I should post about it, am I allowed to use the f-word on my blog?

jonboy said...

I skipped church and went out to eat. The restaurant special was, you guessed it, meatloaf. And I actually saw a coworker there who ate the meatloaf.
Now, I personally have no problem with Meat Loaf, but your have to be careful around meatloaf. Of course, Meat Loaf should only release an album every 20 years, because those are the only good ones.
... Am I rambling.

Quotidian Grace said...

Julia is the ONLY answer.

What happens on Halloween in your office? I hope you have a good witch outfit to wear--or at least a wand.

Captainwow said...

yum. meatloaf.

And, I did for a brief period of time think Annie Potts was the best but I came to my senses and fell in love with Julia. I wanted to grow up and be just like her.

(I am almost grown up and I'm not anything like her and now that's OK with me!)

I like your rambling.

Enjoy the transgendered siberians!
wait --- that's not it! One of Amazing Man's clients gave us tickets one year... Anyway, they're pretty fun. let us all know what you think!

Miss Kitty said...

I might consider attending Wednesday night services if meatloaf's involved. Especially if it's prepared by the little old lady at 8:00 service who makes the killer ketchup sauce.

SpookyRach said...

I think Milton is on to something. This must be a meatloaf moon!
(I REALLY wanna go eat at his restaurant.)

QG: M2 always dresses up as a witch on Halloween. Her people never really know quite how to take that.

Patti - I'd love to hear about your crazy kid.

reverendmother said...

Dorothy was Bea Arthur, right?

If so, rock on.

reverendmother said...

Dorothy was Bea Arthur, right?

If so, rock on.

ppolarbear said...

I MADE meatloaf last week. And since I only cook once a year, that counts for something.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I LOVE meatloaf but I am really picky about it!!

And Annie Potts rules! If there is ever a story of my life done, I would really like her to audition for the role of *Mindy*.

Preacher Mom said...

I must confess, Mary Jo is my favorite, too! (I think I'm scared of Julia!!)

Tell Jackson that since kids spend so much time texting one key at a time, they must think keyboarding should be the same. As for the speed difference - who know!

Purechristianithink said...

Is there enough left over for meatloaf sandwiches for lunch tomorrow. Cold meatloaf on toast w/mayo. MMMMM.

Sue said...

Ummm....kitty pictures?????