Thursday, October 05, 2006

Random Thoughts For Thursday

I was sick yesterday and stayed home from work. None of my cats would snuggle up with me. What the hell kind of good-for-nuthin’ pets are they??

Some stupid turd took a gun to our high school this morning. It discharged, possibly accidentally, but no one was hurt. (This turned out later to be totally untrue. No gun, no nothing. Just goes to show how on edge people are.)

One of my guys came in this morning and reported he’d lost his job as a cook. Why? He was supposed to be at work at 9:15. His alarm didn’t go off until 9:30. He called when he woke up. The manager told him he was fired. They held his job while he was in jail on this charge and that was his last chance. They don’t need him anymore. My guy is all “righteous anger” about it and plans to take it up with the general manager. Because This. Is. Unfair.

Told him not to waste their time. They will just laugh at him. Hell, I was laughing at him. (He’s now working at Sonic, which is also funny, because my other two Sonic employees will chew him up and spit him out, then grind him under their grimy heels. He’ll really think that’s unfair.)

David asked if I still have my motorcycle. I do. But it’s broke. I haven’t had it fixed all summer because I am tired of it breaking down and standing me all over the countryside. Therefore, we are selling both motorcycles and buying newer ones. Anybody wanna buy a persnickety motorcycle?

One of my women, who’s been out of work for an eternity and had an extremely tough time getting a job due to a felony theft conviction, got hired! She will make $7.25 at a gas station, which is pretty dang good! There may be hope for her yet.

Finally got our house painted this week. It is still grey and black and white, which makes me very happy. I had no idea it would be so hard to get people to come out and give you an estimate. I even told one company that I would pay a fee for the estimate. Still nothing. We finally found somebody who was hungry for work. He did a good job. He painted more parts grey and fewer parts white. That also made me happy.

The books in my “to be read” pile are mocking me. I think I will kick them out and start over.

I have misplaced my Bill Bryson book, “The Mother Tongue: English and How it Got That Way.” Color me distressed. It is a book I read bits and pieces from over and over again. Bryson is on my list of people I want to be when I grow up.

We are having lunch at Mi Mexico. That will make everything all better.


see-through faith said...

get better hugs
I liked reading these snippets ... and am glad you got the house painted ok

ppolarbear said...

cats...thankless !

Preacher Mom said...

Some days just suck. Sorry. Hope it's all better soon!

Quotidian Grace said...

It's true. Chips and salsa make everything better.

don't eat alone said...


I love that Bryson book -- I'll be happy to send you a new copy if you don't find yours.

Too bad I'm not closer to you and your clients. We need a cook at our place -- and we pay fifteen an hour.


annie said...

Man! Sick yesterday, and eating at Mi Mexico today? It's a miracle!! I really do believe QG is right, chips and salsa make everything better.

Patti said...

Maybe if you didn't feed the cats for a few days, they'd be more grateful. Joseph took Eleanor's stitches out yesterday (from spaying) before I got home. She was VERY grateful. And so was vet trip! I miss Mexican food.

mid-life rookie said...

Keep an eye on your mailbox. Bookmarks on the way. I enjoyed putting this all together. Came out better than I thought they might. Hope you like them.

I hear God made cats to keep us from getting cocky about all that unconditional love we get from dogs.