Tuesday, August 08, 2006

You Are Here

This is where
I work.
For reals.

The top two floors still look the same. The bottom floor, which houses our office and the tax assessors office, has been "modernized". This means that they bricked up all the windows and squared the curved corner sometime along about 1974. Bleh.

My friend Janet, champion lurker, found this postcard on Ebay. The upper two floors are storage for county office documents. I've posted pictures of it before. It is knee-deep in mouse parts, pigeon crap and killer dust bunnies. It's really wonderful up there.

There are spooky staircases.

And nifty radiators.

Interesting bathtubs.

And many, many
pigeon carcasses.

If you are in my part of the country, holler and we'll give you the tour. Provided you aren't too worried about the chicken flu. *cough, cough, choke*


Miss Kitty said...

Wow. LOVE the building. It's creepy, yet so architecturally fascinating.

I'm not worried about the chicken flu...but I *do* want one of those old bathtubs.

annie said...

Oh yeah, I'd love to take that tour.

Do y'all, like, wander around up there during lunch hour, just seeing what y'all can see?

Wonder why they had those nice bathtubs up there? Wasn't this a bank building?

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

You forgot about the occassionial pigeon parts that shoot out our air conditioner vents above our desks.

You can tell that it was once so beautiful.

Quotidian Grace said...

What a shame they messed it up when "modernizing"!

I hope to get up there one of these days when we make a trip up to El Jefe's hometown, Borger.

don't eat alone said...

Great pictures. I love old buildings like that. I wonder about the bathtubs too.

Rach -- just wanted you to know you were the jumping off place for my post today. I followed your blog roll to meet some new friends. Thanks.


SpookyRach said...

There are tubs because this was a hotel. I never knew a bank was housed here, apparently on the bottom floor, until I saw it on the postcard.

We like to get a key and go exploring up there about once a year. There are no lights and it is dangeroulsy contaminated with vermin bodies. Mindy is right about pigeon parts occassionally shooting out of the air conditioner vents onto our desks.

Glad you found some new folks, Milton. I'd removed the blogroll because I tend to not keep up with it very well. I hope to do better.

Greek Shadow said...

OSHA or the EPA haven't raised a fuss. They'd go berzerk if there was asbestos, you'd think decomposing animals would be on their list too.

see-through faith said...

really interesting :)