Thursday, August 10, 2006

Hey, Lucy! I'm home!

Its been almost a week. I miss it already.

Jackson went back to work full time this week. First time in nearly five years. I'm not sure I'm happy about it.

Jackson was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2001. It had spread to his lymphnodes and they originally didn't give him much chance. But he had some really outstanding doctors and some pretty aggressive treatment and after five years of recovery and dealing with other health problems he is back at work.


When he first began to realize that he couldn't handle the daily grind and recovery at the same time, he trotted over to the local Social Security office to see what his options were. They said something along the lines of "Oh, you poor thing!" and he received his first disability check less than 30 days later. If you've ever worked with people who are trying to get on disability, you know how insanely rare that is!

Then, last year, when he went back to Social Security and said he wanted to go back to work, you'd have thought he was the second coming of Christ. They really kiss your feet over there when you get back into the workforce.

Unfortunately, a four year gap in your employment history is pretty noticeable on a resume. And when you explain that no, you weren't in prison - you were sick - no one wants to touch you. You'd have a better chance of getting hired with a prison record. Unclean! Unclean!

So, a year and a few more college courses added onto the master's degree later, he is back at work.

And I'm bummed.

Don't get me wrong, I am way all happy that he's healthy again. But I am so going to miss our 1950's domestic arrangement. No wonder the feminist movement caused such a stir! This lifestyle with one person earning the dough and the other one kneading it is to die for!

I haven't been inside a grocery store in years. Years, people! That alone makes this all worthwhile. I go to work and when I get home, there's Jackson slaving over a hot stove and putting dinner on the table. I sit down, read the paper while he's finishing up, then we eat a hot homemade meal. After dinner, being the generous and giving person that I am, I help clear the table. And Jackson does the dishes.

He takes out the trash. He makes sure the cats are fed. He does the laundry. He mows the yard and keeps the cars serviced. He deals with repairmen and the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Last year, after Katie moved in with us, he was everyone's favorite homeroom mother. He volunteered for everything and was up at the school for at least an hour a day. He took Katie to school. Made sure she had lunch. Picked her up in the afternoon.

This year, I have to accompany them to "Meet Yer Teacher" night. (I suppose the teachers prefer "your".) Katie will have to go to an afterschool program at the YMCA. I'll be the one at the awards ceremonies and taking cookies to the Valentine's party.

Poor Katie. heh.

I'm really proud of Jackson and I'm very glad he is going back to work. That whole second income thing won't be bad either. He's going to be great at his job.

But I am totally going to miss my Ward Cleaver days.


Quotidian Grace said...

Wow! How wonderful that Jackson has recovered and found a job he wants. Maybe with two incomes you can hire some "help" to ease the transition to having no "housewife"? Best wishes, all around!

SpookyRach said...

Hyuck, hyuck! I have some "help" but that is another post alltogether! Ha ha! Maybe later in the week...

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

*snickering* This has been so much fun to watch!

I volunteer for cookie duty for Katie. That is the least that I can do for the poor child.

jonboy said...

Second income, hah! Jackson might earn enough to cover the cost of his daily commute. Can anyone say $4 a gallon now that the pipeline is shutting down?

pPB said...

Sigh....I want a Jackson...

Grandma K said...

I'm sure you will miss those Cleaver days! It must have been great, but greater is the healing from the cancer. Yea!

reverendmother said...

Wow, what a milestone! Fantastic! I can appreciate feeling a little grief over the change of lifestyle though.

A member of our church is struggling with colon cancer and I'm taking a lot of hope from this.

Miss Kitty said...

I'm with Grandma K on this one: thanks be to God that Jackson is now a cancer survivor! Congrats to you all for making it through, and moving on to the next step. Full-time work ROCKS.

But yeah...I'd love to have a clean house & dinner waiting when I get home every night. :-)

Linda (FM) said...

Damn! Even recovery brings grief. ;-)

That's fantastic news about Jackson.

annie said...

It is very good news about Jackson...good luck with letting go of Ward Cleaver!

Mary Beth said...

Great story. So glad he is healed and back to work. So sorry he is no longer your full-time houseperson. I have always wanted one of those!

I avidly await your story of the help you have. Maybe they will come help me too? :) I have air conditioning!

Jackson said...

Oh no the word is out on me. Thanks Rach for the kind words, it has been a hell of a ride these last few years. Like I said back then when it all started, no smart-mouth squirrilly Doctor is going to tell me when I am going to pass on, that is up to me and God. Well its up to God, but I had to through my name in there as well.

Jonboy, shame on you..the cost of the commute will not be that bad, besides my employer pays good.

RevMom, hey if this person suffering from colon cancer needs to talk or support just send them my way, its the least I can do.

Now what Rach did not let out of the bag is the most frightening, my job. I am now a certified teacher so I will be corrupting young minds of Texas youth. Our future is in my hands, you might run and hide now.

Cynthia said...

Hey Rach, Hey Jackson, I am glad, nervous, sad for you both. Back to work alive is very good, a splendid, "So there!" to that cancer. Changes are fun, when you are not gasping and gripping for dear life. And finally, sad time, no more hot dinners waiting. That's why God gave Texas the Barbeque joint. Take out is King.
Prodigal aspersions to you both.

Patti said...

Woo Hoo Jackson! Great news! Congratulations!

Lorna said...

congrats and rats! :) be blessed and Katie - well she's blessed and a blessing :)