Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Ladies Who Lunch. At the Wal-Mart Cafeteria.

A friend of mine has a real knack for finding interesting magazines. She's always coming up with something new that's full of interesting ideas. Not necessarily do-able, or practical, but always interesting ideas. She recently loaned me a mag on paper art.

Paper Art: Schnazzy euphemism for scrapbooking.

If scrapbooking weren't so goll-durned hoity-toity, I could totally get into it. It combines two of my favorite things: photos and cutting stuff. How could you go wrong with that? Well, if you have ever watched one of those scrapbooking how-to shows, you'll learn real quick what the hell can go wrong with that!

Anyway, the "paper art" book had some pretty cool ideas, one of which involved aluminum duct tape. Who doesn't love aluminum duct tape? I continued to flip through a few more pages and came upon an interview with some sort of scrapbooking guru. The scrapo-journalist asked her a few fluffy questions about such things as her favorite glue and how she handles scrapbooking with her kids. They waited until the end to get to down to the hard stuff. The first questions were strictly Barbara Walters. The last was all Hugh Downs.

"After a hard day of scrapbooking, what do you like to make for dinner?"

God save us from Barbie Crocker!


reverendmother said...


I read this tagline recently: "I'd like to scrapbook, but mainly I just pile chronologically."

I resemble that.

And now we're in this weird in-between land where so much stuff is digital. What to do? Make a digital scrapbook? Yet there's something so lovely about holding a scrapbook in your hands.

Not lovely enough for me to get off my duff and do one, but...

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Sheeze.....now she does not even remember my name.


The Friend

peripateticpolarbear said...

Barbie Crocker....hee hee

jonboy said...


'Scrapbook' is NOT a verb!!!!!!!
We have a perfectly good, although somewhat difficult, English language. Use it appropriately!!!!

You can keep a scrapbook. You can create a scrapbook. You can maintain a scrapbook. You can even read a scrapbook.

You cannot, however, scrapbook!!!

jonboy said...

Kudos on the 'Barbie Crocker' comment, though.

Kinseeker said...

Amen, Jonboy

and Amen

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

~wonders why jonboy knows so much about scrapbooks~