Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Monte Rachel Just Didn't Sound Right

Today is my birthday!  Earlier this month, I splurged and bought myself a drafting table that I'd had my eye on for a year.  Called it an early birthday present to myself.  Every day since, I've sat down there after supper and drawn or colored to my heart's content.  My dogs are completely unimpressed with it, as this severely limits the amount of time they can use me as a human heating pad for their epic couch layabouts.

Plus, they are hopelessly gauche in their artistic sensibilities.

I'd be sitting there now, but I've wanted to write all week, just couldn't think of a thing to say.  Not being one to let that stop me, I've promised myself I'd at least do a first draft of a blog post before sitting down to my inking tonight.

This has been a good week, so far.  I've learned a couple of things:

The first thing was the discovery of my new sandwich, which I expect to patent forthwith.  Can one patent a sandwich?  I've been bemoaning my food options of late.  Or the lack thereof.  I bought one of those chopped salad kits the other day.  I used to buy them a lot, but of course that burned me out on them. For the past week or so I'd been craving vegetables, because, truthfully, I hadn't eaten any for quite some time.  On Sunday night I made a smashing roast beef sandwich and half the salad.

Holy Moses, that was the best salad ever.

On Monday night I had the same thing again with the other half of the salad.  Heaven, revisited.

On Tuesday night I was (a.) out of vegetables and (b.) craving something different.  So, after a good ten minutes spent shuffling between cabinet and fridge, expecting to have something edible jump out at me, I invented a new sandwich.

I call it the Rachel Christo.

Peanut butter, jelly and ham.

It was not at all bad.  Not at all.  Try it yourself.

The second thing I learned was much more inconsequential, but it made me feel all superior and stuff, so I have to tell you about it.

Tonight I learned I can use chopsticks with my left hand.

I've used them right-handedly for decades.  After leaving the courthouse, I decided to drive into Fake Cow City for Chinese food.  The waitress seated me in a newly reupholstered booth in a corner far enough from the blaring flat screen TV so as not to interfere with my reading.  After arranging my dining space to the perfect configuration for both culinary and Kindle enjoyment, I discovered my sushi plate was on the left side and my soup bowl on the right.  So, I tried the chopsticks left-handed.

It worked. Score one for me.

The third thing I've learned this week was the discovery of the object of the rest of my life.

I turned on the TV last night and caught the last couple of minutes of PBS Newshour.  They mentioned a poem.  This poem:

The title piqued my interest, what with having had several Jennifers play roles in my life, both pivotal and the occasionally beslubbered. But the first line of the article following the poem really caught my attention.  The poet had a friend who described her work as "First you are laughing.  Then there is a knife."

Holy Mary, Mother of Pearl.  That's it -- that's the whole object of my writing!  That right there is what I'm aiming for.  I think I'm pretty decent with the first part.  There is a lot of work to do on the second part.

And that's ok. I'm only 46.  I still have lots of time to work on it.

What are you working on?

(You owe me, Janet.  I did in fact manage to work your favorite Shakespearean insult into this post. It was clumsy, but it's there!)


annie said...

I had a ham sandwich this and I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich this week. Both times I thought of your sandwich invention. But I have not yet tried it. Frankly, it sounds putrid to me. ;)

You sound like you're on a learning streak! Happy birthday!

annie said...

Left out the word "week" up there in the first part.

spookyrach said...

Not even REMOTELY putrid. Nosirreebob.

Granted, a monte christo would be a lot better...

Cyn Huddleston said...

I still would usesausage rather than ham. I'm creating this year. And finishing the novel. And doing a journal project. And a course on art therapy. And a spiritual practice thingy. And you know, watching some stuff in my spare time.

Di said...

I love this! That's a great thing to work towards.
And I covet your desk.

I'm working on doing a good job with one job I don't want, and a great job with a hard one I've always wanted.

spookyrach said...

Hmm. Gonna have to consider the sausage...Not feelin' it. I like that you've got lots of good stuff to work on, Cyn!

I'd love to hear the details of what your jobs are, if it's something you can talk about, Di. Kudos for working hard on the good and the bad!

Lady Anne said...

The Squire is ambidextrous. He can eat dinner with one hand and work the crossword puzzle with the other. And the, the fink will switch hands!

I only have two hands so I'll have something to hang onto when I say my prayers.

spookyrach said...

Tell the squire I said he's just showin' off! haha!

I can't really write with both hands, but I can scrawl legibly with the left hand. But I have to concentrate to do that, so I certainly couldn't eat dinner with the other hand while doing the crossword.

Glad you've got something to hang on to! haha!

Janet Seright said...

I think the Earl has patent on all sandwiches. I just knew you were going to say you put chopped salad on peanut butter sandwich, that is my favorite. Your endeavor to use beslubbered is noted.

spookyrach said...

Salad on peanut butter?!! Now that is just wrong...

stinuksuk said...

Happy belated Birthday, Rach! May blessings abound in this new year of your life and sparkle with all things good!