Thursday, October 06, 2011

7 wants

This week’s prompt?  Not getting any easier.  I really don’t know why these are so difficult.  Perhaps I really just need to sit down in a quiet place with pen and paper and work this out.  Hmm… That reminds me of something I want, so, without further ado: 

A.  I want to write.  With pen.  On paper.  I love the feel of a good pen flowing across the paper.  I love handwriting.  Drawing words is an almost Zen-like experience, as long as I’m writing something I want to write. I miss it.  Last week, while visiting Lois, I mentioned this.  She told me there have been studies done showing that handwriting uses a different part of your brain than keyboarding.  You write differently, on both a physiological level and otherwise, when you use pen and paper.  It’s a good change to make if you’re fighting writer’s block. 

I totally should have written this post on paper first.

B.  I want letters to make a comeback.  I know they won’t and I’ll be the first to admit that the convenience of email probably more than makes up for what we miss with written letters.  But still.  I love to write them.  Send me your address, if you want (Facebook message) and I’ll send you a letter!

C.  I want my nose to stop itching.  And they haven’t even started ginning cotton yet!  I used to live across the road from a corn field.  I’m terribly allergic to corn, especially when it puts on tassels right before harvest.  Not for that reason, we moved.  Now I live two blocks from a cotton gin, one of my other major allergies. 

Have I mentioned that I plan to retire to Seattle?

D.  I want Robert Downey Jr. to hurry the hell up with his next project.  Know what it is?  He is producing and staring in a Perry Mason movie.  I also am all geeked about seeing Johnny Depp do Dark Shadows.  And I want both of those franchises to use the theme music their TV versions used.  Perfect songs, both.  (I miss answering machines.  My answering machine message used to be accompanied by the Dark Shadows theme.  It was the best damn message ever – had a people call me just to listen sometimes.  Voice mail leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to creativity.)

E.  I want to get better at portrait photography.  I sort of enjoy it.  Sort of.  Most of the time, when I take pictures for fun, I don’t include people.  Not on purpose, but I’ve just always avoided people pictures.  But I think my taste might be changing…

F.  I want that sheriff’s deputy to quit staring at the stuff in my office.  I’m tired of trying to explain things to him. 

G.  I want to read a good comic book.  Read a good one and an incredible one last week.  The good one:  The Preacher #7.  It had all the elements of a good comic – expressive art, great colors, kick-ass story, tons of violence and more than a bit of gratuitous sex and gore.  (Yes, it really is about a preacher.  From west Texas.  Somewhat defrocked.)   The great one was Persepolis.  It was exquisite.  Lois had it and I sat down one night and read the whole thing (graphic novel) in about 2 hours.  I learned all kinds of things.  The art was simple on the surface, rich beneath.  The story was incredible – about a young girl in Iran during the fall of the Shaw.  She’d be about my age, I guess.  The writing was simple, but like the art, deceptively so.  Hell, the damn thing made me get all teary-eyed. 

Just go read it for your own damn self. 


susan said...

every time a post from you shows up in my feed reader, it's gonna be a good day....

Tauratinzwe said...

F merits elaboration.

spookyrach said...

Ah, Susan! Now I'M gonna have a good day. haha!

T- you know, you're right about F. Maybe I'll take some pictures and elaborate in a future post.

Lori said...

I'm so with you on the pen and paper thing... which explains why I write every day, and more than once a day... and I write on anything and everything. I hate to type.
And letters.... yes, I still write letters... because I hate typing. I'm terrible at emailing. I'd rather call and speak to someone or write a letter. It's just too impersonal.

I'm gonna put that on my list.

And I'm going to read that comic book. :)

Presbyterian Gal said...

Damn that cotton gin!!! You'll love Seattle. They have two seasons: the rainy season and the 4th of July. Just like Oregon actually.

I so agree with the writing on paper. Cursive writing. I am furious that schools aren't teaching this any more. It's a brain development thing. I want to smack every teacher that says *assume PeeWee Herman voice* "Oh no, kids don't write anything any more. It's all typed on computer". Idiots.

*steps off soapbox*
Someday we will have our own personal writer's workshop with us here, in person. That'll be awesome.

spookyrach said...

Lori - Which comic will you read? :)

PG - that will be way, way awesome.