Monday, September 19, 2011

This Ain't Cat Food

This week’s prompt is Nine Loves.  This was much easier than last week’s Ten Secrets.  So, without further ado –



1.  Drawing with ink.  It’s forgivably unforgivable.  It stretches my ability and makes me think.  I still love pencil and eraser and I do my best work in that medium, but drawing in ink has made me a better artist.  Ink forces me to incorporate my mistakes into the bigger picture.  With pencil I can just pretend the mistakes never happened. 

2.  Music without lyrics.   Especially while driving.  I do all my best writing while driving and listening sans words.  I could write the great American novel if I went out and got a job as a cross-country truck driver.

3.  Pork skins.  Especially the hot ones.  

4.  Scarves.  Well, love is a strong word, but I’m developing a definite like for them. 

5.  The fact that Britney Spear’s name is an anagram of Presbyterians. 

6.  My preacher’s kids.  As I sat in church one day and I observed one of my minister’s two teenage daughters do something very small and very nice for someone else.  She didn’t know anyone was watching.  It confirmed what I had suspected.  They are good, good kids.  I stalked them from two pews back and on Facebook as well as observing them from my couch as they stalked my house from the alley.  Then I did something – a tiny little experiment in being spooky, for lack of a better term.  They responded exactly as I would have when I was there age.  They are little Spookies in the making, I think!  I really, really, really like them. 

7.  Boots and peacock feathers.  Not necessarily together.  Not necessarily apart.  And that peacock green/blue color?  Love that too. 

8.  Fedoras.  I need some new ones.  I haven’t worn them in a long time, but I think I might start again.  I blame that Maria Bello ad for her new Prime Suspect show.  I might even take the one down from my office wall, dust it off and slap it up on my head. 

9.  Fiber.  I’m sucking down the nasty stuff twice a day, just like grandma used to do.  Donated blood last week and, according to the vampire’s testing, my cholesterol level has dropped to 195.  Fiber is slightly icky, but it beats the hell out of taking yet another liver-killing medicine.  (And yes, I know that being all excited over this makes me even older than the daily fiber-tang swilling ritual does.  Right now, I’m ok with that.)


Lori said...

I love that you explained why you love things. Which in hindsight I coulda/ woulda/ shoulda done too.
I'm into the scarf thing now too. I'm not sure why. I love the blues and greens in peacock feathers too, they remind me of mermaids. I love mermaids too.
I'm still pondering the fiber thing though..... hmmm.....
I love that you draw, because I love your work.

spookyrach said...

Thanks, Lori!

As for scarves, the long, thin, silky ones are the best I think. What about you?

And the fiber? Yeah. I'm just happy that it works! Unfortunately, the only kind that helps your cholesterol is the gritty kind. Dangit.

Beth said...

This was informative and awe-inspiring.

You remain all the coolness to which I aspire.

I love scarves, too; but I'm not sure it will make my list...

annie said...

Fiber? Do tell. I've been trying to eat oatmeal every morning. Gritty fiber? I do hate taking pills. A huge calcium pill tried to kill me once, had to do the heimlich maneuver on myself.

I have a chant CD that I play in the winter toward the holidays, it makes me calm. And I've been looking into some Native American flute music to play as I attempt to create stuff in my artsy-fartsy room.

spookyrach said...

Thanks, Beth. That's high praise. :)

Diane - I like chant sometimes, too. My favorite music has lots of teeth and drama - movie music and such. And you have an artsy-fartsy room? I am jealous!!

Cyn Huddleston said...

I wear those woven scarves cause I'm all "I'm a poet" and mostly because it's freakin cold in most air conditioned places. I abhor blue. My head is too freakishly large for hats. And ... I am totally calling you on how many children you are raising for a died-in-the-wool hard core non-birther. Yes to pork skins.

Benefiber tablets. They taste like orange sherbet from a pushup.

spookyrach said...

I knew someone would call me on that kid thing. sigh... But they're really cool kids. :D

Of all the fiber I looked at - and I can't remember if I looked at the tablets - only the gritty stuff said it would help lower cholesterol. All the tasteless ones said in very small print, that they didn't do much for those numbers.

You abhor blue? I abhor pink. How do you feel about red?

esperanza said...

spooky, spooky, spooky. I was all simpatico with you about "no" to guacamole and thought I had found a food sister. But the pork skins? I cannot abide them, neither taste nor smell nor texture. Blech.

Re: Britney Spears. She may be the closest thing to hip that we've got. Embarrassing, but true.

I like music without words when I'm trying to work, but that makes me fall asleep while on the road.

Blue and red are fine. Pink is disgusting. My mother called today--she was out shopping for a dress for my little one--said, "well, do you want her to wear pink or look like a hooker?" I said "is this a trick question?"

I think next week's prompt should be things you abhor, just because that's a great word.

spookyrach said...

No to guacamole? I am all YESSSS! to it. All guac - all the time. :) However, I will grant you that pork skins are perhaps more of an acquired taste. haha!

I love abhor, too. Is that an oxymoron?

I'm laughing about your mom. I'm assuming you're going hooker with the kid? Hooker is at least honest. Pink is just camo for hooker.

esperanza said...

Oh, sorry to malign your guac credentials. I must have gotten mixed up.

I went for "just let her wear pants to church." Seriously, why does my three year old--oops, almost four year old--need to look like a trashy teenager? Don't get me started. Mom's next stop was ~shudder~ the mall. Don't know what she found there.