Monday, July 28, 2008

"We've got both kinds - Country and Western"

We spent the weekend at Caprock Canyon. We got lucky because Jackson and I didn't get around to making the reservations until last Monday.

Jackson called the park and spoke to the Rangers...

J: "Is the drive-in movie open this summer?"

Lady Ranger: "Yessir! It sure is!"

J: "Do you know what they're showing this week?"

Lady Ranger: "Well, I'm not real sure. I drove by there the other day and, well, I know those are good folks that run that place. I think their sign said somethin' about showing some movie called Hell-somethin'. I just couldn't believe those folks would be showin' a movie like that."

J: "Uh...was it maybe Hellboy 2?"

Lady Ranger: "It sure was! That was it! What do you reckon that's about?"

J: "Its based on a comic book. Is that what's showing this week?"
Lady Ranger to co-workers: "Hey! Do y'all know what's showin at the drive in?"

Guy Ranger: "I saw the sign, but some of the letters were missin'."

Lady Ranger: "What did it say?"
Guy Ranger: "Wall and then somethin that started with E. I guess the rest of the letters got blown off the sign. It's been windy."

J: "Oooo-k. Well, thanks for your help. See you this weekend!"

Hellboy 2 was still showing. The Spooky-Jackson Entertainment Review Consortium rated this movie as Extremely Lame. Do not waste your time or money. Read a comic book instead.

The dog liked it, though. She was incredibly well-behaved. She's never been camping before and she had the time of her life. She enjoyed the movie, but swimming in the lake is now her favorite thing on the entire planet! Better than food! Better than sleeping! Better than licking her privates! Yay for swimming!

She pretty much slept through the whole movie. We should have followed her example. It was a better use of two hours.

And yes, the dog is wearing three collars. She's a slave to fashion.

This is the only wildlife we saw this time.

The colors in this canyon are really incredible.

I'm pretty sure Sand Pirates buried their treasure somewhere in the canyon. Yep. Pretty sure.

Don't you want to go camping? Caprock Canyon is definitely off the beaten path (and evidently isolated from all major media outlets) but the peace and quiet are so worth the drive.


DogBlogger said...

Wow...sand pirates. Who knew?

More dog pictures, please.

Will The Alpha feel all out of place being the only man in our growing dinner crowd? Tune in next week...

Presbyterian Gal said...

So THAT's where our black widow spider went!

The only campin' I'll be doing is in front of the computer, lookin' at your pictures.

Which are very nice, by the way. I did not realize that Jackson was so very tall.

Dijea said...

The spider & the X are my favorites, but you have some awesome pics!

annie said...

More Jackson pictures, please! He's so cute (and I mean that in the most innocent old lady way!)! Bless his heart, he must be a saint too. . .

All the landscape photos are nice too, BTW. I like the X one too. Isn't it cool how that happened like that?

ElastiGirl said...

the pup has grown so fast!! can't wait for the meet-up next week!! i am sad about HB2 - have not seen it yet

Bunny Bunster said...

Still freaked out about the spider picture!! SCREAMS!!!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Wow the pup has grown!! The pics are great...and I love Jackson's goofy smile.

seethroughfaith said...

love it - except the wee beastie ...

Janie said...

Beautiful shots!

tracy said...

Great photos, Spooky!