Thursday, July 10, 2008

Friday Cemetery Blogging

It's raining here. It never rains in July, but the sky has spit and sputtered at us all week. I fear tonight is the last, however. I have a flaming thunderbolt of a headache, which usually means the weather - or at least the barometric pressure - is changing.
My muse refuses to make an appearance while the head is pounding. Can't really blame him. I wouldn't be here myself if I didn't have to be. Hopefully next week things will be back on track with the writing.
I could use some inspiration, so I think I'll borrow a page from Mindy's book and ask if you have any questions you'd like answered. Anything? Ichabod the Muse sees all and knows all. (Well, not really, but if he doesn't know, he'll make stuff up.)


Presbyterian Gal said...

*claps hands like a girl*

Oh yay. I love when you ask for questions.


Which is your favorite old time B movie horror or science fiction classic? And your favorite scene?

Bunny Bunster said...

Who is your favorite author?
And, do you have a favorite book by said author?

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Most muses are female. Your's is male. What does he looks like and how he communicates with you?

esperanza said...

Do you cook? What should I make for supper tonight?

And the only reason you're getting away with bragging about the rain AGAIN is because we finally got some this week, too.

SpookyRach said...

Thanks for the questions, all. I'll get to work on them.

Except for yours Esperanza. I totally do not cook. EVER. You gotta ask another question. ha ha! (glad you finally got some rain of your own, cause I really don't want to share. I'm sorta selfish about rain.)

esperanza said...

Fine. I'll rephrase.

Do you like to eat? What would you like to eat for supper tonight?

Or if that's too hard...what is your favorite restaurant and why?

You'd think that someone relying on questions for blog content would not be so darn picky. But whatever. hee hee

SpookyRach said...

Ouch! That hurts!!! ha ha ha!

Yes, if you met me you'd know that I haven't skipped many meals in my life. I like to eat!

I was just pondering what I would like to have for supper tonight before I read your question. (Yes, my day is filled with many high level decisions like that.)

Really good bbq sounds good to me. (The combo plate with brisket and sausage.) With tater salad that has crunchy onion bits. And good beans. Good beans, not some industrial sized can of Ranch Style beans that someone rewarmed in a skillet. And pickles and peppers. And some hot rolls and a big ol' chunk of apricot cobbler for dessert.

How's that?

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

oooh this'll be fun:
(1) is roger the el creepy behaving himself?
(2) george & edith rainwater... that's too good to pass up. will you once pounding headach subsides write about them?
(3) does ichabod have six-pack abs and has he found his head? i mean wasn't he the headless horseman??? and what's the name of his horse?

okay that's enough.

esperanza said...

That does sound good. But I'm thinking I can't cook that in the next three hours.

P M Prescott said...

We're getting rain here too, crazy weather.

zorra said...

What's up with Cheese and Cheeto these days?

Jan said...

What is the the one book we should all read this summer??

annie said...

Princess Mindy does raise an interesting point, about your muse being male and all.

I could ask you the question my little boss at the paint and body shop asked me one day while we were all eating our lunch together (something we did every single day of the work week)--"Miss Rach, have you always been weird?" MY answer was "why yes, of course"!

And I will ask you another question that you are probably too young to know the answer to, just for a challenge to you--Do you remember a cartoon that had a stage coach with a trunk on the back of it with a little character in it who popped his head up and said something like "saw right" in a Spanish accent?? I KNOW the answer to that question, but I have been searching for well over ten years to find it! I'm planning on blogging about it of course. But still, do you know the answer?

annie said...

PS I hope your headache has gone away. Interesting how you can predict the weather with your head!

Presbyterian Gal said...


I gave you an award at my place.

Quotidian Grace said...

So did I.

seethroughfaith said...

what mindy and zorro asked :)

tracy said...

Obviously, I've missed out on the question and answer project. But, I like this headstone, and I would love to have "Rainwater" as my last name.
Can you tell I'm reading backwards here? I really need to stay caught up with you because I adore this place!