Wednesday, April 25, 2007

If you would like to make a call, please hang up.

The antediluvian town of Fugly McCreepyville, which is 30 miles to the north of here, got blown halfway away in a tornado Saturday night. The same storm smacked our office building with a huge electrical body slam.

A dozen valiant little surge protectors paid the ultimate price to keep our computers in mostly working order. Their charry remains sizzled and smoked a bit on Monday morning. The hotwater heater was a casualty, as were all the security cameras. The cameras were not much of a loss because all but one monitor had died of natural causes over the last couple of years. The one remaining monitor is somewhat off the beaten path, and therefore remains perennially unmonitored.

And then there was the good news: Our phone system was fried. Toasted. Cremated. Annihilated. It perished in the smite-yer-ass storm. Adios. Sayonara. Goodbye. Do not dial nine for an outside line.

And the really good news: Its going to be two weeks before we can get a new system installed!

In celebration of this most joyous occasion, I thought I would post a few pictures I took of my tulips a couple of weeks ago.


Quotidian Grace said...


"Fugley McCreepyville" -- what a hoot. Just yesterday we heard someone on a sports show pronounce it TOO-LEE-AH. Instead of the descriptive local pronounciation: TOOL-YA.

Love the Tu-lips. Very jealous about the phone outage at work.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

~doing the HAPPY dance in honor of no phones~

It is a lot like the hokey pokey so join right in!

Presbyterian Gal said...

I thought about all you Texas pals when I heard about the Tore-nay-dough. Glad you're fine and without phones!!! From looking at that book cover I have a question: With Fugley McCree*hee-hee-hee*pyville out of commission, don't you guys lose a lot of business? Or will they be moving closer to you?

Rockin' tulips !! They are so pretty. Enjoy your quiet unexpected holiday!!!

SpookyRach said...

QG - I heard that as well. We had a big laugh about it! The best of all time was once when Paul Harvey had to say "Floydada" on his show! It was a scream!

PG - Well, how do YOU say it? ha ha!

Miss Kitty said...

No phone at work = awesome!

But I guess you'll be without hilarious "but my mama's bowling partner's fifth cousin's car broke down, I can't make my parole meeting" calls for a while.

SpookyRach said...

Miss Kitty - Have you been listening to my voice mail??? ha ha!

Songbird said...

Gorgeous! The tulips, that is.

Mile High Pixie said...

Spooky and Miss Kitty: Baahahaaaa!! As someone who was raised around ter-nay-ders, each time I hear about one I think of Jeff Fozworthy saying "It was pandelirium! I thought we'd be killed or worse!"

I too am jealous of your tulips and your lack of phonage.

annie said...

Has the swelling gone down on your head yet?--You must have gotten hit on the head during the storm, posting FLOWER pictures on your blog!...Just kidding, the tulips are lovely. I am jealous, that is what I am. I could not grow tulips if my life depended on it!

SpookyRach said...

Annie - You're a nut! (You could totally grow 'em. Throw the bulbs in the ground and forget about 'em. Then next spring - viola!)

Janie said...

We would go to ropings in Amyrilly and stop at TooLeeA TooPeeA

Oh, well, it was a boring drive from Midland.