Tuesday, September 28, 2004

A spider on the cemetery gate... Posted by Hello


bobbie said...

i had one of those building a web in my kitchen sink. it's the side that rarely gets used because it has the dish drainer in it, i went to clean it the other day and about pee-d myself when i saw it - it was huge!

i armed myself with the spray nozzle and hot water to flush it down the drain, and then locked it away with the drain basket. yuck! it's much prettier in your cemetary - that's where they all should live as far as i'm concerned! :)

SpookyRach said...

Ugh! I agree, Bobbie. I've got a huge, brown, scary-lookin' spider who has built a nest on my car port next to a wasp nest that I keep "forgetting" to deal with. I thought Ok, this is cool. The spider can deal with the wasps. (He's bigger than they are - ick!) After walking under the web a few times, I've decided the hell with that! I'm getting rid of both sets of bugs!