Monday, May 18, 2009

In which "The Look" rears it's ugly head:

Katie is starting the last two weeks of school. I've been really impressed with her school this year. The principal has done a great job and puts a lot of emphasis on making a positive difference in the community. The teachers have been drama-free and have done a fantastic job of motivating the kids. Well, at least one kid, anyway.

Katie wanted to get to school early this morning to see one of her friends, so I took her with me. As we careened down Date Street, she was lamenting the fact that she has six semester tests coming up next week. It could have been worse - last semester she had seven of them. However, she doesn't think they will have a test in Service Learning - a community service class she's been in this semester.

"What? No test?! Couldn't they test you on recycling or something?" I asked.

"No! We didn't study recycling in that class. We studied it in science. We had to learn the three R's of recycling," she told me.

"OH! I know those! Reduce, Reuse, Reanimate!"

"No! It's Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. What's reanimate?"

"It's like when you take a dead body and bring it back to life. Sort of. You re-purpose it into a zombie."

It was at this point that I got 'the look'.

"Rachel! You are really kinda weird."

I grinned.

"No, let me rephrase that. You are REALLY REALLY WEIRD!"

"Zombies are a valid form of recycling," I grumbled.

"Zombies DON'T EXIST!"

"You say that now," I said. "But just wait until one is gnawing on your thigh bone and see what you have to say then!" I looked over at her. "Brains! Brains! Brains!"

If she keeps rolling her eyes like that, one of these days they're gonna get stuck up inside her head.


Rev Kim said...

Too funny! You're so great with her! I bet the other moms aren't nearly as cool as you.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Get stuck up inside her are sounding OLD!!

You do have a point. Zombies are the ultimate recycling.

Dijea said...

I'm not 100% sure Zombies are the ultimate recycling, technically yes, its recycling but its Wes Craven's idea of recycling.

Pyzahn said... are a creative genius. I think you should offer up the Zombie idea to folks in charge of the recycle symbol. It's time that arrow thing was freshened up a bit.

p.s. You are also very good with your daughter. Someday she will appreciate the humor.

dust bunny said...

Ya know....if those eyes get stuck up inside her head, it will be totally your fault!

C. Wright said...

Oh the stories she will have to tell her grandchildren! You tell her you know weird people who think you are weird.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Well, with her eyes stuck up in her head, Young Katie will be much better equipped to guard her brain from the zombies!

annie said...

that poor, poor child. . .

~E said...

Here from Sawdust and Cowpies...

great pics!

Nej said...

Priceless conversation!!! Simply priceless!

Anonymous said...



Sue said...

Dude, you're channeling my mother.