Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Random Stuffs of Wednesday Wickedness

* I miss Ester when she's not at work. We get THIRSTY in the afternoons when she's not there to make the Sonic run. Not thirsty enough to get off our collective posterior and go do it ourselves, but thirsty nonetheless.

* The dog shall. not. be. ignored. If you attempt such a dissing, she will bite you on the butt. Nip-ishly. Purposefully.

* I'm actually having a hot drink (chai) at the coffee shop while waiting on Katie to be spewn from the bowels of the youth group tonight. The poor little coffee girl nearly choked on her clove gum. I hate coffee and, to date, have been strictly an Italian soda drinker.

* Weirdest thing I've said today: "I think the word 'gonads' gives it a certain panache." (Side note - I did not say this at work. For once.)

* I'm shopping for T-Shirts online. I seldom buy them, but I love shopping for them. One of my all-time favorites - one that I tried to buy, only to find it had been discontinued - had a picture of a U-Haul truck being loaded at night by stealthy figures. It said: "I pack normally, but I move mysteriously".

* I would really like to be an evil genius, but I lack motivation.

* I've drained the big cup. I'm running out of little bullet-spiders. And still the phone. does. not. ring. Gah! How long does the pre-pubescent Jeezus love-in last??? We adults got our worshipin' done over an hour ago.

* Dang ol' Jackson is sitting at home watching Countdown and IM'ing me all the good bits. I hate him. (He SAID he was going to go home and STUDY.)

* Phone still silent. Considering bashing it on the table in hopes of getting it to do something. Lord Almighty, those choruses are just the same half-finished thought, over and over and over. Cut it off and go the hell home already!

* It's ringing!!!


mid-life rookie said...

Spending a lot of time waiting for manBoy to call for a ride lately. He turns 16 in one month. I have actually arrived at the point that I'll be glad when he get get himself around town. Hang in there - this too shall pass.

P.S. word verification roplogag - sounds like a great practical joke.

zorra said...

Y'all don't talk about gonads at work?

I don't believe that.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Ah, the teenaged years. I still have those ahead of me.

You don't have gonads where your work? That's too bad. I used to work with a woman who described one of her relatives as having a "scrotum nose". And we would all fall down laughing every*time*she*said*it.

(my word verification is "humsome".......OK hmmmmmmmmm)

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Well we do not call them gonads around here.

Thank GOD I am no longer waiting for the phone to ring! I spent many years playing taxi!

WV: immanut


Dijea said...

I swear I have said the same thing about being an evil genius, but I would never use the word gonads. I'm more of a "slang" person.

SpookyRach said...

Well, see, here's the deal...

I have this friend who writes obscenely funny poetry - as in both obscene and funny - often about the Amish. We were discussing whether his use of that particular word gave the right impression in his latest work, entitled "This Ain't My Bag".

I don't know why he's never been published...?

Anonymous said...

I too played that "waiting on th phone to ring game" yesterday. What fun to put your life on hold. He starts drivers training in two weeks!!

Anonymous said...

surely he needs to be published somewhere - doesn't he have a blog?! we use the word "testicles" here - a lot in our house - I'm the only one "testicle-less" *and all the guys shudder*
vw:lingst (would that be making up new words?)

annie said...

There is (or was) an online poetry thing called Dead Mule School of Literature (or something like that). Perhaps the Amish Gonad poem would be appropriate for that venue? I could see if I can find the link for you.

Tauratinzwe said...

When I was in college an intramural basketball team called themselves the NADS. (Can't remember what the letters stood for.) Obviously their supporters chanted "Go Team Go" with the name of the team supplied.

Adolescent humour abounds.

lorna (see throughfaith) said...

How long does the pre-pubescent Jeezus love-in last??? We adults got our worshipin' done over an hour ago.