Friday, August 08, 2008

Friday Cemetery Blogging

It's still Friday for another half hour or so.

That gives me just enough time to post a picture I took in Dallas.

Let me know how this looks on your browser. I'm having trouble - maybe? - with pictures appearing darker on the blog than they do otherwise. I know this is pretty subjective, but does it appear too dark to you? It's supposed to look gloomy, but not totally midnighted!

I had a great time in Dallas - especially on a couple of fabulous Blogger Blind Dates that I will have to tell you about later. But now, I'm goin' to bed!


annie said...

It does look dark, but it looks just the right amount of dark, if you know what I am saying.

Oh yeah, it looks great when you "biggiefy" it!

I like the way the light comes in at background.

Rachel said...

It is also dark to me but I have to agree that "it looks the right amount of dark" But coincidently I just did a post today on my blog and one of the pictures seemed to be a lot darker than it appears on flickr. Weird.

Dijea said...

It looks a little dark on mine too, but I don't think it looks bad just a littie spooky.

Heh! Heh! Heh!

ppolarbear said...

It looks dark, but that makes it spooooooooooooky

Vickie Sue said...

Yes, when enlarged, the picture is quite cool. Everything shows up better.

jonboy said...

Are you using a poster edges filter to make it look like that?