Thursday, April 24, 2008

Friday Cemetery Blogging

I am pissed.

In the American pretty-damn-mad sort of a way, as opposed to the British drunk-on-yer-arse sort of a way.

Jenstar, of My Life in the Corner fame, threw down a gauntlet earlier today and sent me a cemetery picture challenge. I picked up the gauntlet and was so totally prepared to smack it down because I so totally OWN that challenge! I had the perfect photo. Per-freakin'-erfect.

But I can't find it! (Insert Lucille Ball-esque whine here.)

I know it's here somewhere. Eventually I'll find it. But this is really the last straw. I have, have, have to do something about my abysmal photo organization. Jackson, the in-house nerd, suggests a passport drive as a possible solution. Anybody have an other suggestions?

Until I can find my missing photo, you'll have to make do with this one. I took it Thursday morning while wandering around town in the rain, on the wrong side of the tracks, and sometimes on the tracks themselves.


cheesehead said...

Maybe this'll cheer you up: the first time I read this, I googled "Lucille Ballesq", thinking she must be some obscure literary character.


beth said...

But I LIKE this picture! It's a good replacement.

Calm down; it'll be alright.

SpookyRach said...

Cheese - yeah, sounds positively Chekovian, doesn't it. ha ha! Maybe I should have said "Ball-esque". Or something.

beth - thanks! I like it too.

dust bunny said...

Can't find your photos? I wear my school I.D. lanyard ALL the time....keeps me from putting it down in one of a gazillion impossilbe-to-remember places, AND bails me out in case someone should ask, "You name is...??"

I have absolute confidence in your cemetery picture supremacy.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Maybe you subconsciously blocked yourself from finding your pictures because you KNOW how humiliatingly and extraordinarily you will prevail in this challenge. And you just feel bad for Jenstar.

Or maybe you're just supremely disorganized.

Either way, I know you'd win.

SpookyRach said...

dustbunny - I know what you mean about the lanyard. I don't know where my badge is half the time, since I quit wearing it all the time. ha ha!

pg - thanks for the vote of confidence. I am totally disorganized when it comes to photos. Never label 'em or nothin'. It's shameful, really.

JenStar said...

Ha ha I don't think you really have a photo that will top it! And since you need more time I am throwing in this one since you are so unorganized!

Anonymous said...

I recommed a thumb drive for your pics. Way cool little things.

I like this picture though.

SpookyRach said...

*gnashes teeth in frustration*

Ok, Jen, you are killin' me. I gotta admit, that last one might be hard to beat, but I think I can still come close.

bunny - yep, I like thumb drives, but I fill them up to quickly. I need something big that can hold most every thing I end up with when I have diarreah of the shutter.

P M Prescott said...

Good hunting.

annie said...

Get yourself one of those external USB hard drives. That is what I have. Half my stuff is still not labeled properly but it is all in one place on that thing, roughly divided up in folders and labeled in ways that I only have to search through two or four folders before I find what I am looking for.

Dijea said...

I took some cemetery pics in New Zealand - want another showdown to prove yourself? I promise you will win.