Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Jumping on the Bullet Bandwagon

All the cool kids are doing it!

· I bought a new eye shadow called Aubergine Queen. I really like it, but that name has become an ear worm. All week long I’ve been singing a bastardized version of Billy Idol’s Caribbean Queen in my head. Over and over and over…

Aubergine Queen

Now we're sharing a purple dream
And my eyes they blink as one
’Cause my makeup is done.

· Jackson and Jonboy are coaching Katie’s softball team. They are playing in a tournament to end the season this week. Have I mentioned that they’ve occasionally played five games a week? Every freakin’ night? Last night they lost their first game, and had to play a double header. This was their third game in two days. They showed a lot of character and came back to win the second game, which keeps them in the tournament and ensures them a game tonight. Dammit.

· Speaking of Katie – she’s always lived in Big Flat City before coming to live with us full-time. Sheltered little thing is fascinated by our tiny vegetable garden. This year I am only growing 4 tomato plants and 4 pepper plants. I’ve hired her to keep it free of weeds and grass. Now she is also getting to harvest the spoils of her weed war. She. Is. Thrilled. Being a chemical-free gardener, she can pick the cherry tomatoes and pop ‘em in her mouth straight off the plant. I can’t tell you how cool she thinks that is. Actual food on plants right in her own back yard!

· Also speaking of Katie, she came to live with us full time because her mother died last August. We had just had our first consult with an attorney to attempt, for the second time, to get full custody of her, when her mother died from long-term prescription drug abuse. Katie has adjusted wonderfully and we couldn’t have asked for a better situation. Until recently. Now she is finally beginning to progress to some new stages of grief. Stages which involve the need for actually talking about her mother instead of pretending she never existed. Katie is not comfortable with this yet, but she’s trying. As are we. Its kind of hard. I sat down with Katie a couple of weeks ago and tried to talk to her about good memories of her mom. I ended up praising the fact that she always bought Katie really cool school supplies. Yep. That woman could pick out one hell of a good ruler. Heh.

· Does anyone want a really huge and happy tropical plant for their living room? I have grown this plant from a wee bairn of a secretary’s day gift from lo these many years ago into a three foot by four foot monstrosity that has been relegated to the front porch for the summer. I just don’t think I’m gonna bring it back in the house this fall. But I hate to let it die.

· We’re going on vacation next week! Yay for us! I need suggestions for good vacation books. Preferably, but not necessarily, mysteries.


Maggie said...

I enjoyed your blog (seriuosly) and i understand that perhaps at this moment self promotion is bad and may seem superficial, but nevertheless i cannot resist the temptation of inviting you over to my blog to take a look at one thingie and to say what you think. thanks in advance :-)

reverendmother said...

God bless Katie and you all as you enter a new season of grief. She's lucky to have you both.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

That makes me wanna buy Katie some really cool school supplies!

And I might just want that plant...

annie said...

> Wish I could figure out how to do bullets in the comment thing!

>Yes, blessings on Katie as she continues to deal with grief for her mother.

>I think I remember admiring that plant when you posted a photo of the large pine box you you still have that thing?

>Have you read 24 Hours, by Greg Iles? It's kind of intense in parts. It's been a while since I read it, so check other reviews on may be more intense than what you want to read. I just remember being fascinated with the plot. (I tend to devour fictional books, and then forget the story altogether, which is what I have done in this case, which is why I reluctantly recommend the book to you!)

don't eat alone said...

Our former foster daughter is coming to see us Friday with her new girlfriend. She is now in her early twenties and amde it through the grief, angst, and all the other crap. You and Katie hang in there.

As for books, I recommend anything by Arturo Perez-Reverte.


Miss Kitty said...

I'm glad to hear you're going on vacation, Spooky. However, I'm not at all glad to have this damned Billy Ocean earworm. Thanks a heap.

SpookyRach said...

Annie - you mean the photo of the coffin/christmas tree storage pod? ha ha! Yeah, its the same plant. I think I have convinced Mindy to take it off my hands. If she renigs, i'm sending it to you!

Thanks for the kind words and encouragement everyone. I appreciate it a lot.

Milton - you've recommended this author before. I remember looking him up on amazon and being highly interested. Then I promptly forgot. I'm writing his name down now...!

C'mon, Miss Kitty! Sing with me! Aubergine Queen...

soul and culture said...

Books.....check out 'About the Author', by John Colapinto.

zorra said...

I love aubergine...the color and the vegetable. I am reminded of my friend's niece, who wrote a poem for school:

All my socks are aubergine
My brother's socks are boring green.

Would you believe the teacher tried to give her an F because "aubergine is not a word"?!