Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Things I wonder about...

I start to snicker whenever I hear the music from the Godfather. I really have no idea why. Too many bad movie spoofs and heart-breakingly terrible Brando impersonations I guess. Although you can really never experience too many bad Brando impersonations. Not really.

Thinking of bad impersonations reminds me of William Shatner. Which makes me think I should tell you I am a recovering trekkie. "Hi, my name is SpookyRach and I am a trekkie."

I always loved the original series and thought the idea of a new series was blasphemy. Sort of like growing up on the Old Testament and all of a sudden, someone suggests a New Testament. A NEW Testament? But it turned out Star Trek the Next Generation was way all better than the original. I was even more devoted. Then they started doing more and more series and more and more movies and damn. Enough is enough. I am a former fan. (Although, I just counted and there are 74 various and sundry Star Trek novels on the shelf behind me.)

Speaking of the shelf behind me makes me think of the bookshelf beside me. On top of it is a framed copy of our engagement picture. It used to be on a bookshelf in my office. I hit it with a pen that I threw across the room. The glass cracked right down the middle - right between us. Now it looks like an ad for a divorce lawyer, so I brought it home.

I was talking to someone on the phone who had really ticked me off when I threw the pen. I recommend the occasional pen toss to relieve the stress caused by suppressing the desire to kick the crud out of a really deserving individual. It is admittedly childish, but it works.

There are 86 Perry Mason books on the shelves below the Star Trek books.

It bothers me that Disney owns the Muppets. It may well be a sign of the apocalypse.

My head is killing me and has hurt for the last two days. It hurts just bad enough to make me whine about it every 15 minutes, but not bad enough for me to actually stay home from work or anything. You can imagine how thrilled my family and co-workers are about that.

I owe my parents a drawing of CaptainKatie, the fabulous stepkid. I keep forgetting to do it.

If I write something down, I generally remember it. I don't know if it typing something on the internet has the same effect, but I hope to find out.

Sorry for the rambling, pointless entry. I felt like writing, but didn't have anything to say. Better luck next time!


Headless-in-GR said...

Yay for trains of thought! It was a fun ride!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Ya know, headache aside, I really liked your random things.

And for Rach's readers...she really does throw things though not very often. She did shoot me with a rubberband when I rounded the corner the other day but she claims that she was really trying to shoot someone else.

Now I know what to tell you to draw at lunch.

Greek Shadow said...

There are two kinds of Star Trek fans. Trekkers - those who take the series seriously and follow it religiously. And Trekkies - those who go off t he deep end. Paint thier faces blue, put on Vulcan Ears, wear uniforms, etc. They need to get a life.
I'm a Trekker. It is the only science fiction TV show that did it right. Technology is just the tool that helps overcome the obstacle of space, it is neither good or evil. the human condition remains the same.