Friday, August 27, 2004

Clockwork Plaid

I work with an exotic collection of abnormals operating under an opaque veneer of sanity. That doesn't include the criminals. Sometimes there are cracks in the veneer and sometimes they lift it off entirely for a rush of fresh air.

It was quiet and I was in my office, working diligently. Its the end of the month, so we are all confined to desks, cleaning up paperwork spew. I heard a voice. It was't God, it was Mindy. She has the office next door.

"Can you stab someone with one of our letter openers?" she asked the thin air.

I waited a moment for the air to answer and decided she must be talking to me.

"Can I or would I?" I asked.

"Can you?"

"Sure, no problem. Why?"

"No reason. Its just a comfort."

Conversation ceased and we went back to work. Later I realized that no one in the vicinity had raised an eyebrow, much less come to question this exchange. They didn't find it particularly odd.

I think I fit in well here.


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Kathryn said...

thought I ought to trawl your archives as a prelude to finding the right book for you...and this is priceless.
It reminds me of the morning, many years ago, when I woke to the sound of youngest offspring talking to himself in his cot
"Mustn't put Daddy's lectric saw in the washing machine, MUST we??"