Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Things, Things, Everywhere Things.

Some things from this week: 

Someone - someone of the feline persuasion - threw up all over the cat bed.  This particular bed is the subject of an on-going territorial dispute.  Much like the dispute between Texas and New Mexico.  Did you know we have never settled on a border between us?  If I remember correctly there is a 27 mile long stretch of land, only a mile or two wide, running down the west side of the Panhandle that is claimed by both states.  

Tomorrow the kid is signing a letter of intent to play college softball.  She is going to play for Vernon Junior College.  I was not at all thrilled about her going to junior college - a prejudice based on experience with local ‘thug schools’.  However, this one seems to be a real college with real students and they are going to pay real money to cover her education there.  I am SO easily bought.  Gimme a t-shirt.

I bought car tags today.  My office is seven - seven! - steps from the tax assessor’s office where they sell the tags.  This is the second car in as many months that I’ve paid a penalty on for being extra damn late buying the tags.  

I cannot get warm.  What the hell is up with that?  Prolly hormones or some fake-ass shit like that.  Hormones cause profanity, too.  Prolly.  Shit.

We drank the Netflix Kool-aid again this week.  We used to have it back when all you could do was get the mail service.  Unwatched DVDs languished on top of the TV for months at a time.  We finally cancelled.  Now - downloads!  Woah!  Who knew how much I would like this!!  For a while there, I was keeping track of how many hours of BBC mysteries I have streamed this week.  I stopped because it was just getting embarrassing.  Stopped keeping track, that is.  I’m still sucking down the British detective shows pretty much every waking moment.  And several not-really-awake moments as well.  

Earlier today I was perusing Pinterest, as one is wont to do, and while scrolling through Edward Hopper paintings, I realized I have taken several photos that are reminiscent of his work.  It’s kind of like the article Diane posted about mediocre artists, but in reverse.  (Here’s a link to the article:

The kid asked her father if we could all watch something on TV tonight.  As a - gasp! - family.  He said “Ohhhh-kay…?”  What does she want to watch?  American Horror Story.  At first I was so proud.  But then I realized she probably just doesn’t want to watch it alone, on her own, in vulnerable solitude.  I wasn’t nearly as proud.  Then I realized we are allowing the child to watch American Horror Story.  We are bad, bad parents.  Or, maybe not…

Today someone described me as a “A real redhead!  And she uses that redheaded personality to keep those crooks in line!”  Made my day.  Especially since it was my boss that said it.  

Tomorrow the auditors will be done at my office.  Surprisingly, I really have kind of enjoyed them.  I am not even remotely suited to that sort of work, but I can certainly admire those who’ve got the ability to do it.  Really - it’s like alchemy or something.  And that one woman who is working right outside my office?  She is burning UP some adding machine keys.  It’s amazing.  

How many things is that?  Enough?  Plenty?  Too many?  My li’l band o’ writer buddies is working on a one-word weekly prompt.  Thing was this week’s word.  Sometimes I’m good with the prompts.  Sometimes not.  And sometimes I just make lists. 


D. Lott Arellano said...

I might rival you in hours of British mystery viewing...

spookyrach said...

I do not doubt that. Wanna come hang out and watch TV? :)

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

This is just so *you* and I love it! Though I am so not into this seasons AHS. First season was still my fav.

I love your list.