Thursday, March 06, 2008

Friday Cemetery Blogging

The picture this week is from the Big Flat City Cemetery. I love long, tree-lined drives. The best one I've seen in Andrews, Texas. There are two long lanes bounded by huge old elm trees in their city cemetery. They shade the entire cemetery and they make the whole place about 15 degrees cooler than anywhere else in the area. On any given summer evening you can find a dozen or so people walking in the peaceful coolness. I heard the county commission wants to cut the trees down. I have no idea why. Rampaging stupidity fueled by extensive in-breeding and years of pesticide abuse is my guess.

It was rainy and snowy for most of the day today. My favorite kind of weather. Stick-Boy, the least unreliable of the local weather guys, says we might get more of the same tomorrow. I certainly hope so.

Tonight was the last night of our DWI classes for a while. I'm gonna miss that particular group of drunks. They were a lot of fun. I learned some neat things about some of them, including one of my own guys who is frequently on my list of people I would like to hit with my truck. He talked to me about how he loves to read. He never finished high school, but he just finished Dante's Inferno. For the second time! He's about to start on the Odyssey. We had a really good conversation about Joseph Campbell's hero theories. Who wouldda thought??!


Gator World!! said... people with your truck is fun. I have to give you a little advice though, a friend of mine gave me this tip and I have been hanging on to it for some time, but I think now is the time that I can share it with you. If you hit someone going 30 in a Buick they will just come up on the hood. Do what you will with that info.

Presbyterian Gal said...

DWI classes......Hitting someone going 30 in a Buick.....

this is a rough crowd.

My peeps!!

(love that picture. Nice job with the Photoshop)

dust bunny said...

Someone needs to put those brain-damaged commissioners in time-out and take away all their sharp, tree-cutting implements.

DogBlogger said...

Did you know you're the intro to Cheesehead's latest sermon? Cool!

tracy said...

Wonderful post; inspirational about one of the DWI guys with his reading...WOW! I just know that is in part, due to the great influence you are to your folks!

Love this cemetery photo as well. I always liked the large trees on lined drives too.