Sunday, April 17, 2005

Cora's Big Adventure

This vacant wooded lot in Athens, Texas reeks of adventure. It is dark and mysterious - surrounded by a low rock wall. I don't know much about it, except that it was once owned by the minister of the First Baptist Church.

The trees are beautiful. Especially the dogwoods. The blossoms seem to float in the air.

The only structure in these acres is this enclosure. it sits in the middle of the woods and marks the gravesite of the minister and his wife. It was erected in 1934.

This is the Reverend and his Lovely Bride. She died 10 years before he did. He was a wealthy man, according to local lore, and was no doubt courted by many blue-haired ladies with casseroles.

The Reverend Fuller. He fought the good fight, etc. etc. He died in 1944 and was 25 years the pastor of First Baptist Church.

This is Mrs. Fuller. She was the long time (long suffering) organist for the church. Her epitath is "She hath done what she could." Geeze!! How horrible is that?

This bench is constructed from the same stone as the enclosure and the wall. It sits a few feet from the graves. You can sit here and wonder at the greatness of God. Or Reverend Fuller. Whichever.

As I walked past the bench, I saw these keys on the ground. They had obviously been left there only days or hours before.

A little further down the path we saw this blanket in a tree. Hmmm....

We went back to the bench and began to scrounge around. Found a comb...

And her lipstick. By this time I was laughing too hard to properly focus the camera.

The piece de resistance: A yellow silk and lace thong. It too was lying in the immediate vicinity of the bench.

I couldn't resist. I left Cora's keys on the bench, with a note...

Dearest Cora,
Mine eyes hath seen they glory. Thy sins will find thee out. I pray thou change thine wayward ways.
- Reverend Fuller
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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Annie Oddflower for showing me how to do this!


annie said...

You are so welcome! How'd you get that thicker black border around the pictures?


PS Still no word on Cora's fate? I wonder if she came back and found her keys? Are you planning a follow-up to this sequel?...Enquiring minds want to know!

SpookyRach said...

When you are in Hello, hit settings and it lets you choose your border style.

No word on Cora.

Maybe Janet, who lives there, has heard something? Have you, Janet?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for leaving my keys.
See you at church.

SpookyRach said...

Haaa Ha Ha! That was too funny, whoever you are!

Janet said...

I thought you were going to tell this without including me. No Cora has not put an ad in the paper yet. I still think her purse was stolen, so there! Thats for asking. Thanks for the "real" adventure.

annie said...

Well, shucks, dummy me, believed that was the real Cora, and I thought I could quit worrying about her.

Her purse was there too?....the plot thickens.

SpookyRach said...
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SpookyRach said...

(Having trouble spelling.) Y'all are cracking me up! I contend it was a wild night of partying, Janet is sure she lost her purse and Annie suspects foul play. Any other theories out there?

Quotidian Grace said...

What a super photo essay! Although my husband enjoys poking through ancient cemetaries, we never came upon such an entertaining find.
And thanks for the link, by the way. I have reciprocated.

Jackson said...

Admit it Rachel, Cora is a ho. I just wonder how that bad case of crigger bites are healing.

Jackson said...

Or should I say chigger. Geeze now I cant spell. I guess Cora has me all messed up inside

Captainwow said...

See you at church, Cora! ha!

crigger bites and all.